Wednesday, 31 December 2008



51... its only a number...happy birthday to me!

51 tomorrow... yikes!

Can`t wait.....

Glad tidings

Very glad!! Although it flew by at an alarming speed we had a lovely Christmas. There weren`t many signs of Christmas in our house until 1am on Christmas Eve but then suddenly in a matter of hours the tree went up and we purchased a turkey. Correction... Husb bought a turkey.... and then another one a few hours later... "well it was reduced"...

We thought we had cut down on pressies this year but we had obviously been slowly accumulating them..

even Sammie had a selection to personally tear open..

and I was glad to see that the DR WHO TARDIS arrived safe and well with
the keeper of the snails...

it was a fine dinner (especially if you liked hard well done pigs in blankets)..

and we had a game of ball in the forest on Boxing Day..

followed by fun down by the river Dee..

Susan borrowed my coat, doesn`t it suit her...

But the best bit of all was having all the family home again. "PRICELESS"

Friday, 19 December 2008

Lead Balloon

OMG OMG OMG!!! I have only missed one episode of the totally brilliant sit-com LEAD BALLOON and I can`t BELIEVE what I missed(Thank goodness for BBC i-player)...

My very very good friend Clare had her book used on it as a prop. The very JACK DEE was HOLDING HER BOOK!!! THE BOOK THAT CLARE WROTE!!! HOW cool is THAT!!!?
I`m so pleased for her. What an honour eh... of all the books in the world to choose and they chose Clare`s book "98 REASONS FOR BEING"

OMG OMG!! (Its probably just as well I didn`t see it "live" the whole street would have heard me shrieking.(that`s to be roughly translated as "damn it would have looked SO good on our new plasma")

Clare you are a star.

Friday, 5 December 2008

...and the winner is....

Hey kids!!!!!

Look what your dad won at the school fair tonight!!!!!!!!

I also need to have a record of a little baby jumper I started knitting in the summer on the cruise. The reason for it`s inclusion on my blog is because I nearly threw the blessed thing in the Baltic Sea about 50 times... I undid various parts of it on a daily basis whilst sailing round Scandinavia...(not concentrating!)... it was touch and go whether it would even survive the trip at all. My perseverance paid off and it must now be the most travelled baby jumper known... to George ...anyway.(IT`S BEEN TO RUSSIA!!!!) I hope he wears it at least ONCE!!!!!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

10 today!!!