Wednesday, 25 February 2009

PLAY UP SKY BLUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Warwick University

"BRING ON CHELSEA!" "Let`s go all the way!"

F.A.Cup fever certainly hit the city of Coventry last night! What a tremendous win for the Sky Blues.
Coventry City 1-0 Blackburn Rovers
There was a record crowd at the Ricoh Arena to witness the brilliant cup-tie, let`s hope there is an even bigger crowd when the mighty Chelsea come visiting on March 7th!

I took the Drake to the Open Day at Warwick University today and afterwards we took Grandad Geoff out for tea. The Mount was very Pleasant, it made a nice change.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

London at night

I took a few photos on my mobile phone, they haven`t come out brilliantly but this is our walk along Waterloo Bridge and then directly under the London Eye... I can promise you it was far more impressive than this looks.

London at night

Walking over Waterloo Bridge

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Do it!!!!! Just GO!!!!!

And so we did!

A 2hour train journey from Chester took us to the heart of London (Euston!)and clutching our(fabulous and highly recommended) Oyster Cards and our
A-Z we were ready to "DO IT!"

First stop was The Natural History Museum.

We went to see the
Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition
which was a collection of stunning photographs taken by people of all ages. These were the winning images from a staggering 32,351 entries this year submitted by people from 82 countries. This was our favourite:

It was well worth queueing up for (everyone else in the museum was going to the Dinosaur Exhibition.. well it WAS half term).

Husb said "Hello!" to Charles Darwin on the way in.

We also had a quick nip round the human body section but it was full of families doing their half term "hands on" activities and I could hear Harrods calling.........

Harrods. OH MY WORD!! WHO shops at Harrods? How come we didn`t see a famous film star or footballer? We DID, however, see a large pizza at £42, coconuts at £10 each, cherries at £54 per lb.....I was beginning to think I`d never get a carrier bag....

but then we saw the fabulous array of teas, the jars of jam, the psychedelic jars of sweets... YES!!!and bought 4 jars of sweety balls (LIQUORICE OF COURSE) from 2 different tills to get 2 little Harrods bags WEYHEY!!

There was just time for swift dash around the National Portait Gallery
(it looks so small from the outside, it`s deceptively big on the inside) before going to the theatre.

The 39 Steps.Criterion Theatre, Picadilly. Winner of 2 Tony Awards in 2008 and based on the novel by John Buchan.
Very very funny. Very very clever. A great choice!

Day 2..... We took the tube to Lambeth North to the very impressive... The Imperial War Museum founded in 1917 and chronicling the impact of war at all levels.

Tanks. Rockets. Submarines. Diaries. Films. The Holocaust.(yes it got less and less jolly the higher the floor)
Well worth a visit.

The Monument was built between 1671 and 1677 to commemorate the Great Fire of London in 1666 and to celebrate the rebuilding of the City.The Monument is 202 feet high... the exact distance between it and the site in Pudding Lane where the Great Fire began and was designed by Sir Christopher Wren and Dr Robert Hooke.
It has recently undergone a major programme of restoration costing £4.5million and so it had to be climbed. YES!! Husb climbed the column containing a cantilevered stone staircase of 311 steps up to the viewing platform looking out over the city.

We waved to the CUBBA who was hard at work (possibly) in the block next to the "Gherkin" before gingerly crawling back down again.
WE GOT A CERTIFICATE WUTWOOOOO! Husb is putting his up in his office, bless.

Tate Britain had an exhibition of the works of Antony Van Dyke,,, starting TODAY!!!!So we went!!! Day One!!! First day and we`ve been! Done it! Ticked it off!

Two hours later we were back in Chester where the pooch came to meet us at the station. Thanks for the lift Drakey!
We had a brilliant couple of days and it was great to see the Cub again(here modelling his new jacket from the Choaks)

Sunday, 15 February 2009


I`m looking forward to a couple of days in our capital city. We hope to see a show (we`ll see what`s on offer when we get to Leicester Square)and we`ll definitely see the CUBBA again. I expect he will be looking quite normal again after having his nose broken playing football 2 weeks ago(thank goodness he didn`t need it re-setting)

Thank you to all at Aerobics for my birthday money... I shall be having a good browse round Harrods while we`re in London.

All classes at Square One are ON as usual(yes we planned our trip around them!) and the other classes are covered as follows...

Mon 16th Feb spinning 6.30pm....Damien
Tues 17th Feb spinning 9.30am....Jan
Tues 17th Feb aqua 10.30am....Damien
Weds 18th Feb spinning 9.30am....Gill
Weds 18th Feb aqua 6.30pm....Damien

If you are out and about over Half Term with the children, HAVE FUN!

Saturday, 14 February 2009


I suppose by now, having been a Coventry City fan for 41 years, I should be used to the Sky Blues throwing the game away in the last few minutes but HOW FRUSTRATING!!!! I sat and listened to the live commentary of how we came back in the 2nd half and ran the Rovers ragged,how Aron Gunnarsson equalised with a superb 25 yard half-volley and then the Doyler putting us in the lead with another half-volley from the edge of the box... I was all ready for the next round draw.... but due to a mischievous(though very romantic) chappie wearing only white underpants and carrying a bow and arrow who held up the game for a few minutes while he threw red roses all over the pitch..there were a few added minutes on the clock and the Wretched Rovers managed to bundle the ball into the net during a goalmouth scramble in the 93rd minute(aaarrrggghhh) resulting in a replay.

Blackburn 2-2 Coventry City

The magic of the F.A. Cup eh! So far all four ties have resulted in a draw so there is no knowing who anyone will play in the next round. PUSB PUSB!!!

Friday, 6 February 2009


Hey kids, happy birthday to you both!!

Where did those 23 years go?
It was the coldest February for 40 years when I finally gave birth the twins ( a week late)(!) 23 years ago...has THIS February been even colder I wonder?

Here are a few random pics of them...