Thursday, 29 December 2011

R.I.P. our amazing Dad

Where has the year gone?

I miss his voice

and his visits to Chester where he was happy to just sit.

I miss our meals in the Mount Pleasant

but most of all I miss his sense of humour, he always joined in the fun and has never failed to make us laugh. We have such wonderful memories to cherish.

"Always go through life with a smile on your face" - we will.


Christmas and L+J's visit to Chester

This years Christmas was a cracker which started with a wonderfully wrapped elephant shaped present from Vietnam, courtesy of the cub

and continued with total carpet chaos

("Oh Sammie, you just want to play don't you?")

and 25 toastie warm cosy toes

(Have I married a horse trainer??)

But one of the best bits was the day spent with Liddy and John. After a Debenhams tea and a jewellery shop we headed to Chester's Christmas market...

and then to the Chester Eye

John and Drake looked tiny from the top.

Wow...really tiny...

Whoop whoop it was windy up top! But a lovely clear day.

The Racecourse in the sun.

Still small but getting bigger...

John and my elephant bag

It was (brrrrrrr) a great day and it ended with a steak each at the Piper and a festive game of "Tension".


Its just such a shame their train journey back wasn't quite as straightforward as planned. Thanks for coming Sis!!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas in Chester + SLOWBOAT

Christmas baubles, tinsel, antlers and glasses have travelled to all my classes...

Square One

The hotel pool


and spinning

but this week it was time to decorate the house. The Pixen was in charge and she promptly jollied up the elephants and the plants.

She even decorated Penny the hamster ... it took us half an hour to get this photo and I burnt the tea in the process. That'll serve me right for trying to multi-task.

At 5.40pm Chester was quiet for shopping. And I'm sorry but the Christmas lights still look like a girls petticoat. Nice though.

The supersparkly tallest-in-the-country Christmas tree at Choaks...

is actually bright red in the day!

The annual Aerobics Christmas party went ahead as usual at the Slowboat, it was a great night, good food, good company and a good turnout, well 86 of us, I think we all enjoyed it and although every year I wonder whether we should have a change of venue, every year its so good we decide to go back again.

Husb is such a great Christmas shopper! Party food from M+S haha, its worth the year long wait for such a treat. I'm looking forward to the clementine and lemon turkey tomorrow.