Sunday, 25 March 2012

Cov v Portsmouth -THREE POINTS!

How BLUE is this sky??!!!!

It HAD to be a good sign when I arrived at THE RICOH for Legends Day and the sky was such a glorious blue. City had scored a last minute equaliser at Cardiff in the week so there was an air of "nervous" confidence about the game, especially as Portsmouth were in the bottom 3 with us. But Portsmouth had put 4 past Birmingham midweek so anything could happen. Both teams were desperate for the points.

They are on the pitch!!

The first half was not great entertainment. We seemed to be giving the ball away too often and letting Pompey have too much possession and we were definitely looking more nervous than confident.

Pompey fans are mad! They didn't shut up. Non stop singing and banging of drum! I believe they travel everywhere and for a brief (very brief)moment I wanted to be a Pompey fan.

Half time was nil nil and while other fans were muttering "Hmmmmmm same old same old..." over their cuppas, Pam and I went down to the pitch see the City Legends who were being introduced to the crowd. It was probably just as well they wore NAME BADGES, but I recognised Ernie Hunt straight away, he hasn't changed a bit.

John Sillett warned Ernie that a mad woman was waiting for him. HAHA I nearly lost my voice shouting "Ernie Ernie!" much to Pam's amusement.

Woooo!!!! ERNIE HUNT folks! Famous for his Donkey Kick with Willie Carr against Everton.

Ernie Hunt INDEEDY!!!!!

I remember buying my first ever tracksuit from his sports shop in Cheylesmore, it was maroooooon (does that colour still exist??!) and I felt the bees knees in it. I was about twelve.

The second half was MUCH better, we defended better, we looked less nervous and suddenly Sheffers popped up and put us INTO THE LEAD. ONE NIL!!!!

A sky blue sky, a hug with Ernie Hunt and a McSheffers goal.... it was all going to plan WOOOOOOOOOOO!!

This is Brownie's seat. He had to jump out of it again shortly after Sheff's goal because Olly Norwood made it TWO!!!!

The 16,000(ish) crowd left HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY !!!

singing the brilliant ELO song ☺♫♪☺♪♫☺ Mr Blue Sky ☺♫♪☺♪♫☺

PUSB! PUSB! Pee You Esssss Beeeeeee!!!!

It finished TWO NIL and although we are not out of the bottom 3 yet, we are the "in-form" team as we are unbeaten in 5 now. Keep the faith folks keep the faith we are good at Great Escapes.

I was made up to meet Ernie but there is only one real legend....Dave Busst. My dad sent all the Coventry Evening Telegraph newspaper cuttings after he was injured so I was able to follow his recovery and his work in the community. I'm sure I made a scrapbook. I've definitely got an envelope full of stuff somewhere.

This is Jock's "Rangers" hip flask.

Goodness knows what potent mixture Jock brings in it but Ernie didn't care.When he came over to join us (ME! JOIN ME!) in the bar after the game he just necked it. Not much change there then! I hope he's ok haha

Man of the Match went to Olly Norwood who is on loan from Man Utd. He's very nice. I told him it was the nearest I had ever stood to a Man Utd player. I think he should stay at the City, we like him and he's playing well.

To cap off a brilliant afternoon LOOK WHAT I WAS GIVEN!!!!Bussty's badge!
Thank you Thank you Thank you!

I think Brownie's crowd think I'm crackers but I'm a good omen, I have seen the Sky Blues win at every game so far, I'd better get my next game sorted! PUSB PUSB

Josie's 70th at Telfords


I was genuinely shocked when she told me which birthday she was celebrating...70?? WOW! So naturally she had to have a mug.

Here she is with me ... and Pat.

Two Vals.

Ruth and Fran.

The rabble!! hahaha! Don't they scrub up well! SheilaFrannieeeeeJanetJude...redblackredblack....slashveeslashveee
so photogenic!

Little Margaret and the lovely Helen

Tall Margaret.

Nice chocs! (I can't believe there was room for a chocolate after the huge portions of fish and chips...magnificent platefuls!)

Josie and her aqua mug.

I only ever see the aqua ladies soggy and wet in their cossies so it was lovely to join them for Josie's birthday and see them all dry and smart. I still absolutely can't believe Josie is 70. She must have a great fitness instructor!