Saturday, 7 July 2012

Deva Divas Triathlon

 Debbie will be coming to collect her tri bike soon so I took the opportunity to have a schneaky little ride on it before she does and WHOOP WHOOP I cycled into another country!! Haha! I only intended riding to Blacon but it was so easy to ride and so quick I kept going and went all the way to Connah's Quay and back, approx 13 miles.

The tyres are really thin with hardly any tread on them and they had been blown up ROCK HARD!
No wonder I got some speed up on the cycle path.

I went past a couple of poppy fields that brightened up a pretty dull, rainy, grey, miserable day.

But the reason for the loan of the bike was the Deva Divas Triathlon being held at the weekend. Pixen had entered the women's sprint distance on Saturday and Miško entered the men's Olympic distance on Sunday.

Naturally I joined in the warm up...

...and then it was time for the swim. Pixen and A.N.Other got a fantastic lead up and were well clear of all the other swimmers. TEN MINS- what a great time.

So I cheered her on (though she couldn't hear a thing) and Husb got his lens out.

Next... on to the bike (Debbie's bike) for 25km...

...and finishing off with a 5km run.

One hour 36 mins in total and finishing 38th overall. FANTASTIC!!

Meanwhile I had a cricket tea to make so Pixen made lunch for her and M for Miško, M for Michal or even W for Wants to Win! (I trained her well in the sandwich making department, though chicken, grape and rocket was her own concoction) =) 

Then they headed off to look around Chester. The races were on!! Bonus.

It is obligatory to photograph Eastgate clock!

Good perspective.

What does one feed a very fit triathlete the night before a race?
Do they serve carveries in Slovakia?
Miško had his first ever carvery! A pre-race carvery!!  (this was plateful no.1)...

He swam 1,500m in a  "mental" 16 SIXTEEN minutes!!

He did an awesome bike ride, 40km in 1 hour 7 mins

and finished strongly in the run. 10km in 40mins to finish 26th overall (out of 700 competitors)
Whoop Whoop!

So a carvery with low fat turkey, lashings of cranberry sauce (my Dad would have approved) and a few carbohydrate rich potatoes went down well and to make the evening even better we managed to sit next to a gentleman who had carried the Olympic Torch. He had been nominated for his work with Barnados and was only too pleased to let us have a feel of it. =)

That wasn't the last of the exercise though. My "firstborn" had another event to do and so as soon as Miško had finished his race they packed up his bike into the amazing Mr Denton and off they went to Salford for the Great Salford Swim, a mile swim in open water in Salford Quays.

Yey a GREEN hat for the Pixen!!!! Can you spot her?

Tired? Of course she wasn't tired!!!!

She swam her mile in UNDER 23 minutes OH EM GEEEEEEEEEE!

How amazing is that!! How amazing were the pair of them!! What a fun weekend  =)
(oh... and I want a tri bike!!!)