Thursday, 23 May 2013

Proof that I ran 13.2 miles =)

There are no words......

(but which one shall I have on a mug/teeshirt????!)

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Chester Half Marathon 2013

It all started with a casual conversation with my friend who said she had entered the Chester Half .....and I was jealous! This friend had only started running when we had no electricity at Vicars Cross (which resulted in a mishmash keepfit session-she went for a run instead- her first run) so I  considered joining her. The last half marathon I ran was 26 years ago when Nic and Chris were 14 months old. 

It never entered my head that I wouldn't make it round the 13.2 mile course but...
was it sensible?
Surely it was better to regret DOING something than NOT doing something?

 I signed up on Tuesday by buying Debbie's Josh's place (he didn't even have a good excuse for opting out according to his mum!) and then thought I'd better go for a little run. I did 6 miles- I would just have to do that distance TWICE.

 THANK YOU to the owner of the car with registration number SVS that drove past me that day. They were my mum's initials. IT WAS A SIGN!! It was meant to be!

5 days later I was lining up with the rest of the "approximately 2.5 hours " lot and off we went.

Pixen had a fancy name ...

...but I had to label me myself as I was a late entry. Aliholli was not the best thing to write, some people were shouting "Come on ABIGAIL!"


A) The pre race meal had plenty of protein and the obligatory Dairylea cheese triangle.
I felt good.

B) The weather was perfect., cool and DRY.

C) We got there early enough to use the toilets without queueing for ages.

D) I overtook Guy Sissons!

E) I made sure everyone I knew saw me.

F) The route was fairly flat - lots of colourful bobbing heads on the long stretch past the Mollington Bannastre to Capenhurst Lane and lots of people clapping us as we ran through Saughall and Blacon back to town.

G) I may have been overtaken by a DOG but I beat BATMAN and ROBIN.

(I'm so my Dad)

 WE DID IT!!!!

 Time was not an issue as I was chatting to people on the way round. The most important thing was to stay injury free. 

1987 medal and 2013 medal

After 4 cups of tea

Drakey made me a collage. Nic and Chris have changed more than me.

It was a superbly well organised event, for the runners anyway. Well done and THANKYOU to Chris and Andy for organising a fantastic day. But also,THANKYOU to the volunteers and supporters who made a fantastic day even better. Brilliant!
I just did it.