Sunday, 28 July 2013

More DEVA DIVAS (Official photos)

I'm too busy laughing at myself to write anything.

Pixen looks very professional though.

Sunday, 21 July 2013


I had always said I didn't fancy doing a triathlon. Pedalling in wet gear and running in wet feet?
But a combination of factors lead me to enter this years Deva Divas including various offers of triathlon stuff. I borrowed a tri suit and wet suit off Helen, a bike off Debbie, some goggles off my Pixen.....

I was worried that I would be a typical ALL THE GEAR, NO IDEA competitor!

Especially when I had to wriggle,jiggle and struggle to just get the wet suit ON-that was a workout in itself.

So a few days before the race I went over to Manley Mere to try out the gear and did two laps of the lake.

All was fine except my goggle disaster... they completely steamed up. Plus, I was totally blinded by the low evening sun. I was beginning to think

This may not look like ideal preparation for a triathlon in a few hours time but it was

"Try MY goggles Mum." she said. So I did. In the sink.

Raceday... Sunday 21st July and it was much cooler than the belting week of sun that we have just had. Perfect conditions. 
I was sooooo ready. COMPETE and COMPLETE. That was all I had to do.

Transition area was ready with towel and helmet etc ready for the bike ride..

I didn/t have the best swim... I felt like I really HAD to get out of that wet suit, it was as if I was over-heating. However I did a good bike ride, like I wasn't hanging around, I was Froomeing it, I felt like all those spinning classes were really paying off. And then I tried to run. OUCH! haha =)

Pixen looked strong in the run.

I was my usual self.

Great time. nearly ten minutes faster than last year.

In fact we both did a great time!

I was chuffed, relieved, goosed, proud, ecstatic, and just amazed that I did so well. 
It was such a high, such an amazing feeling.

When we checked the results in the tent we were both 2ND IN OUR AGE GROUPS!!!!!!!!

Ok so there were only a dozen 55-60yr olds but there were an awful lot of 25-30 yr olds.


I couldn't have done it without my Pixen. The goggles, the bike chain, the moral support, the advice, instructions and the top tips....

We were both SOOOOOO happy we cartwheeled and 

handstood (!??)

while we waited to receive our prizes.

Naturally I totally milked it. I'm so my Dad.

So busy were we having fun and enjoying the endorphin rush, ours were the last two bikes in transition....oooopsieeeee/

but no one minded. It really DID live up to its name of being the UK's friendliest triathlon.
I am officially a TRIATHLETE!

Just for info... it was so well organised. There were stewards everywhere to encourage, guide, direct and support us. I have never heard so many positive comments like "You are looking good!" when I clearly couldn't actually breathe and my legs were like jelly and blancmange. 
I feel absolutely wrecked and am stiffening up by the minute but my head is as happy as it has ever been because today I was a DEVA DIVA! 

My big sis has RETIRED!

Once upon a time my lovely sister was a teacher at Richard Lee School in Coventry but she isn't any more. 
After 23 years of teaching there (and over 30 years in all), she has decided to have some "ME" time.
 Or should I say "MOO" time.

So on the hottest day of the year so far, Cub, Drake and I sweated our way down the M6  to party at the local cricket club. 

Ahhh, Cov and North Warwicks. Memories....

Cub found some possible alternative employment...

 I was SURE this was where Dad used to watch the mighty Ian Bell playing (as well as his brother Keith...) but maybe he only played here for Warwickshire AGAINST Cov and North Warwickshire...Belly was born in Walsgrave anyway - I got that bit right.

He DEFINITELY watched @diddsville374 and Oggy play there!

It was great to see a lot of early evening cricket training sessions happening...

The room was decorated with old photos.

 Lyn (my bridesmaid's brother's "Wifey") was a TA for Moo
(we had  a good old chin wag)

Cheryl was a star, she worked hard to make it a night to remember for Liddy Moo.

It was great to see a full room - a lot don't usually do staff nights out but made the effort because it was 
Mrs Chadwick =)

The Cheery Chaddies

Moo danced so much she had to walk home barefoot - its a good job she lives just  round the corner from Cov and North Warwicks!

I was looking for ideas for cricket teas!

Moo waded in to the food... to Cub's amusement...

then HE tucked in too and Drakey had a tomato...

then Liddy Moo realised she had missed something. Basic buffet error Sis!

The DJ had a sense of humour!

Moo is leaving the new Head to it...

maybe Natasha will share the vino?

Plenty of time for "MooTashTime" now there is no more school....

Cub gave Ross a run down on the healthy food app he has made...

as Ross tucked in to his onion bhaji

...and he was very impressed.

I did some table shots so Moo could see who was there!

Moo made a good speech - she has booked a holiday IN TERM TIME!!! "Because she CAN!"

The cousins abused the rave sticks =)

What a fantastic night! They adore Moo! Well its time for HER
now. She can have umpteen cups of tea in her Moo mug with toast and jam in bed if she likes!