Saturday, 18 January 2014

Preston North End v Coventry City

Cov have a poor record at Deepdale, It is a bit of a bogey ground for us, but Preston is only 45 minutes up the M6 so I persuaded Husb to come with me. I made ham sandwiches with my SKY BLUE KNIFE (it's so sharp, Chris) and I "jewelled " up with my PUSB and CCFC beads in the hope that it would give us good luck.

PNEFC were made up with the effort we fans had made to get to the game. What a nice touch. 
(Ok It wasn't a 258 mile round trip for us from Chester haha)  

I was led to believe Deepdale was a dark, depressing ground but it was really nice.
Its just that Cov can't seem to win there. Ever.

The ground soon filled up. We played some nice football but we weren't remotely threatening, so much so, they brought their goalie out early before the second half to warm up again. He hadn't had anything to do! 

Webster and new signing Seabourne were impressive but PNE were in control. A sloppy pass from Baker in OUR half led to Preston's goal, on the break, and after 89 minutes the locals thought they had secured all 3 points and started twinkling their phone torches round the ground... we sang ♫ ♪ ♯ "Twinkle twinkle little star" ♫ ♪ ♯

Franck Moussa then sent the faithful travelling Sky Blue Army crazy with an absolutely brilliant volley that was going to smash into the back of the net the minute it left his foot....



Down the slide! Down the slide! Fans from the back came hurtling down the slide!

It was just brilliant. 4 minutes of added time became 6 minutes and in the 96th minute we had grabbed a draw and robbed them of 2 points. Hilarious.

I was ready for the cup of Chai tea afterwards. PUSB!

Saturday, 11 January 2014

OMG another birthday already? NYE 2013

It is definitely true what they say, that birthdays come round quicker than ever as you get older, so it is important to have a twinkle in your wrinkle - after all, the key to successful ageing is to pay as little attention to it as possible. So in true JollyHolly style we got up early on New Year's Eve and went for an early morning birthday swim.  Well I had to wear  MY NEW COSTUME!

It has SAN FRANCISCO on it! How amazing is that!

I had some great presents.

This knife is SO SHARP.
Just like my football team who are looking sharp up front at the moment. 
(Bring on the Arsenal!) 
It's just as well the knife comes with a sky blue sheath to protect it.

People were so kind. I had some really thoughtful presents.
I suppose I'm quite easy to please with my love for anything healthy/elephant/liquorice/Orla Kiely/Sky Blue I was well pleased with this lot. Thank you everyone.

Handpainted tote bag and homemade granola by Drake.
SKY BLUE knife and honey from Cub.
Allsorts earrings and Orla pad from Moo

The Pixen excelled herself trying out new things for me ...

I would't even know where to start making a Pandora style bead but the Pixen did.
She made me one with  my birthdate on. WOW!

My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I opened the next box.
PUSB and COVENTRY CITY on  these beads! AMAZING!

From Lisa ,smells fantastic.

From Annie =)

How about this for a fabulous birthday card?  (From Lyn) (It has been recycled for the Pixen already and then no doubt will be forwarded to Drakey.)

Useful facts for Husb's quiz?!

As usual we did the traditional Pizzahut and cinema routine, this year we saw SAVING MR BANKS which was very good
and then before we knew it, it was nearly midnight and time to collect health and warmth and food  to carry over the threshold to bring in the new year. 

Coal (warmth) seeds (goodness) cough linctus (health) elephants (we have to save the elephant) etc were all brought into our home. (Along with some rather nice madeira wine!)



With Chester F.C.'s game abandoned due to a waterlogged pitch, we decided to go and wish the adorable elephants at Chester Zoo a Happy New Year.

Hari and Bala have both grown.

Jan 2nd

Happy Hoylake

Cub had a booked a train and flight later today so we just had time for a nip along the prom at Hoylake and a bit of hooty pubgrub before he left us. Anyone else would have been packing but that's youngsters for you, easy come easy go... chuck it in a bag and off you go.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Christmas 2013

 Christmas actually started quite early a few months ago when I got my sewing machine going. I sat up in the boiling hot attic during that boiling hot summer we had, making a start on Diesel's stockings.

Then, not long after that, I saw these Christmas cards in the Oxfam shop..."Have a Holly Jolly Christmas" was the perfect card for the Jolly Holly family. (Alas, there was only one box.)

However, my super organised Christmas then went on hold...

September was busy with a London trip to watch Pixen swim and run

and October was busy with a trip to Holy Island and Fountains Abbey

and November was busy with Liddy and Kay's 60ths

and then suddenly it was December and it was all a mad rush. 

(I hadn't expected hiring a carpet cleaner either, but when the WHOLE dish of tomato soup went splattering across the carpet, it had to be done!)

Everton fans had blue stockings... (honestly...what are they LIKE?)

 I was honoured to make a stocking for the Paralympic Archery Champion, Mel Clarke!

Tilly and the legend that is the Swiftness had stockings that made Jordan's original stocking look weedy.... how did my felt letters get that big? I have to admit though,  they look good on their fireplace.

As time was running out and Christmas got closer I had to remind myself to just Keep Calm .....

At times I questioned myself ...why I didn't just say "No"? but I'm kind and the letters DID fit and so I sewed all these tiny letters for baby Sofia ...and Granny loved it...

I even sewed a stocking for a shop! I was ready for that amazing hot stone massage in Revive  by the time I'd sewed my last bit of fur on.

I was nearly done! and then... OMG I nearly forgot the cards!!! 
 I was so late I got a last minute super bargain from a photo company and created these one night at ridiculous oclock.

Fair dos everyone at keep fit got into the spirit of Christmas. Antlers in the pool, tinselly ankles at aerobics, baubles in ears for spinning....... the funniest experience was the vibrating antlers on the PowerPlate, it was all good fun.

PowerPlateDan in his Christmas jumper

Christmas Eve was here before I knew it. I didn't run out of paper and I had plenty of sellotape but by midnight on Christmas Eve I had had enough of wrapping and needed some sleep (there was a Christmas Day fun run to be run in a few hours time) so I just ribboned the last 3 boxes....

...and left Mr Happy guarding the presents...

and went to bed.


A rogue Santa clutching his parkrun barcode rolled up at Delamere positively raring...

Team Jolly Holly were ready to run!

Can you see us waving? We ran the 5 km route together and LOVED it.

I still can't get over this - an amazing 122 people turned out for the run! 122! 
Runners are a strange breed...

We came 82nd, 83rd and 84th!

We had coffee and a mini mince pie at the finish.
Then we had to get home to put the turkey in!

Meanwhile, back in Bedworth, Freya, our new great neice was doing her own Santa stint and doesn't she look soooooooooo cute!

Anyway with the race done and the turkey in, the fun began. Happy Christmas Cubba!
I don't think Cub was banking on another ridiculous outfit quite so soon! 118 118?

It was a lovely day.
We had a nice meal, an after dinner walk round Hoole, the usual party games...a lot of fun, it was all over too quick.


Walking by the River Dee was lovely....perfect for blowing the cobwebs away...


The legend that is Swifty!!

You would be forgiven for thinking I had no room for Christmas cake after all the festive fare but you would be wrong. The problem is I've had all of this already. No one else has had any cake...ooops

It IS magnificent cake.

"StopTheBus!" and "BlankettyBlank" (with ferrets) with StevetheBus, MartintheBus and KatymaybetheBus were hilarious and ...the brie just disappeared without trace. Very strange. 

Trying out the self timer on my phone.

Good old fashioned family fun that was festive and funny and (well...almost....) FREE!