Friday, 29 December 2017

Martin and Katy (Mr and Mrs TheBus)

No words needed really, it was just a brilliant, beautiful day. 

The attention to detail was second to none, wait till you see The Shoes. The SHOES. The Owl Post box for wedding cards. The table plan. The cake. The CAKE.....

"What shall I say in my speech, Mummy?"
"Never mind that, what about my hoodies?"

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Skopelos MammaMia Trip HolliBellyWedding6

                                                       Oooops, I forgot to post this.

So before we went on the Mamma Mia trip, NixenPixen had to just BE Mrs Bell.
She had Haad A Dreeam and she just needed to live it.
 And we were all happy to have a chilled day on the beach after the excitement of the wedding.

The Winner Takes It All  but they were both winners 

Grandad carried on digging ...

and William christened Sandrasaurus - Ryan.
I'm pretty sure Sandrasaurus.

Drake did some interesting sunbathing. I don't THINK it was yoga...

That night Mr and Mrs Bell had their posh meal back at Kassandra Bay,
 the Cubster and Emily had Emily's birthday meal up in the hills of Skiathos,
 the HennaHolliwicks walked down to the Big Bad Wolf restaurant for tea,

and then we all got up early next day for our trip to Skopelos.

Dids had an unexpected early morning Marty Feldman Wait for Meeee Wait for Meeee run when he had to hurtle back to the hotel for his sunnies/wallet/phone just as the bus was approaching... a bit of the shock to the system. But he's a fit boy. 


This was such a brilliant trip.

The newly-weds, before even saying IdoIdoIdoIdoIdo 
(and even before we flew)
Taken a Chance on Me 
and everyone else...
and had pre-booked all the tickets ...
and very kindly paid for us all (THANK YOU!) 
with their  MoneyMoneyMoney 
so all we had to do was board the boat.

Bells made sure Max clung to the railings- he didn't want an SOS

...and we were soon ready to set sail.
 Can I post this Millie?
Does Your Mother Know?

The SHADESFORSIGHT memo had been strictly adhered to. 
Good eyes good eyes.

It was a  lovely sail out of the harbour with SoopahPah TroopahPah ringing in our ears and our first stop was where Sophie stood on the rock and sang Lay Your Love On Me.

Voulez  Vous?
Well, YES in fact I did.
Want to swim in that gorgeous blue sea.

As did everyone else.

But not before we had Team Planked!

There was an option of staying here on the beach, chilling, or taking the bus up to the Church which was used in the Mamma Mia film, (well, the outside of the church anyway) and to meet the bus at the next beach along. 
Sounded like a great plan!
The views on the drive up were lovely.

The tiny chapel was at the top. 

We planked on the way up.
 I was trying to do Sian's Great Wall of China type plank where it looks like everyone just walked over me and carried on walking. But I appear to have been harpooned through the head.

RING! RING! Why don't you give me a call?

RING! RING! The happiest sound of them all.

Natasha and I held it tight. We didn't want it Slipping through our Fingers.

It was TINY inside. 
There was just enough room to light a a candle for Mr and Mrs BellyBellster.

Lovers (Live a Little Longer)

And then we planked on the way down.

And then we all met up again and reboarded the boat.

"HolliBelly" is SO LONG.
It took a lot of stones.
But Millie did some great stone collecting and we created this masterpiece. 
I wonder how long it will last?
We might have to go back to Skiathos and see whether it is still there.

We had a little disco on the way back! YAY!
We were all invited to boogie on down to Dancing Queen and it topped off what was a really lovely day so Thank You for The Music Abba and for Giving It To Meeeee.

All in all it was excellent...
and that, at the end of the day, was The Name Of The Game.

Then Husb had a trim.
As you do.
 Two days after your daughter's wedding.


"Let's see if anyone notices!"
Comments like "SHARP" and "TIDY" implied that in fact they had.
They couldn't fail.
It was the most thorough haircut of all time...and he has had a few.

Tea was in THE FINAL STEP Restaurant in Skiathos town and it was delicious.
 Husb and I made sure we sat next to the Cubster cos we'd hardly seen him all holiday and we were going home tomorrow.
What a fabulous week though.

And wearing tee shirts like this, the new Mr and Mrs Bell couldn't fail to get a mention from the captain on the plane. And a cheer. A bottle of Prosecco each. And a certificate! Woop!