Sunday, 19 March 2017

West End, Roatan Island, Honduras. 2017

Husb did good today.
He'd booked us a little local chap "Enry", to take us across the island to a local, uncommercialised beach and it was GENIUS, we had such a lovely day.
We passed his son's football pitch, the airport, a lot of very nice houses and condos and hundreds of mango trees. When we were dropped off at WEST END at their equivalent of 8.30am (they were an hour behind ship time) we wondered what we had come to but it turned out to be GENIUS as there wasn't another blue Thomson towel in sight, we weren't pestered once, not even by the "beach flies" that we'd been warned about, or even Enry's mate who would be starting up his beach BBQ in a few hours time. 

The snorkelling was EPIC because although I ditched the breathing tube, the mask was GENIUS.
So many colourful fish, huge cabbage type leaves, billowing fronds, spikey sea urchins, sponges, jelly shapes that were obviously alive, sharp coral, it was a proper underwater world in such a clear blue sea. It's the second largest coral reef in the world, I couldn't wait to tell Cub.

The beach filled up a bit, well, not really "filled up", just a few more locals, and we wondered how the other cruisers were getting on on West Bay Beach which would have been full of tourists and vendors.
 I nipped for an Earl Grey before a bit of logging.

Well LOOK at it! 
It was crying out to be sat on. Or planked on. Or balanced on.

Or, in fact, Yoga Treed on.

Even though the heat had set my eye off again, it was a fabulous cruise.
We liked the Thomson Dream ship.
It had NOTHING fancy, no climbing wall, crazy golf,  real grass, expensive art etc...
We particularly liked Thomson because they use PGTips teabags, YAY.
And there's a kettle in the room.
Thomson Dream have a full prom deck...BIG TICK.
Lovely food, very British, even fishnchips.
And the entertainment team were probably the BEST we've seen.

We actually had a back stage tour of the theatre on our sail back to Montego Bay. 
I love a bit of dressing up.

It was a great flight home but we didn't get much sleep.

Consequently we fell asleep on the train home and MISSED Crewe 
We  must've looked hilarious when we woke up and had the initial panic of 

And as if it was laughing at us, the Piccolino train that passed us on Warrington station as we tried to reroute was THE CITY OF COVENTRY :) You couldn't make it up.

And just for the  record, I made it to Rowton Hall on time.
Got back to Chester at exactly midday and was in the hotel pool by half past.
Fabulous stuff.

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