Thursday, 8 June 2017

Hilbre Island with the HennaHolliBells

We should have learnt the first time
Gloriously sunny in Chester DOES NOT mean gloriously sunny in New Brighton. 

Diesel was having the most perfect weather in Chester for her daughter's wedding#1 while we were getting our heads blown off.

Talk about a hoolie ......

It didn't stop us having fun though.

And half way across Hilbre Island we had news that baby Maisy had been born to one of my keep fitters :)

We nipped up Old Pale the following day....

It was our last chance to get together with the soon-to-be Mr and Mrs Bell before their wedding in Skiathos.


Clare Dudman said...

Ha, 'Mrs Bell' what an excellent name! It'll suit her.

aliholli said...

I think she should have been called Mrs Hollibell :)
(Perhaps she's saving that in case they have a daughter???)