Wednesday, 31 December 2008



51... its only a number...happy birthday to me!

51 tomorrow... yikes!

Can`t wait.....

Glad tidings

Very glad!! Although it flew by at an alarming speed we had a lovely Christmas. There weren`t many signs of Christmas in our house until 1am on Christmas Eve but then suddenly in a matter of hours the tree went up and we purchased a turkey. Correction... Husb bought a turkey.... and then another one a few hours later... "well it was reduced"...

We thought we had cut down on pressies this year but we had obviously been slowly accumulating them..

even Sammie had a selection to personally tear open..

and I was glad to see that the DR WHO TARDIS arrived safe and well with
the keeper of the snails...

it was a fine dinner (especially if you liked hard well done pigs in blankets)..

and we had a game of ball in the forest on Boxing Day..

followed by fun down by the river Dee..

Susan borrowed my coat, doesn`t it suit her...

But the best bit of all was having all the family home again. "PRICELESS"

Friday, 19 December 2008

Lead Balloon

OMG OMG OMG!!! I have only missed one episode of the totally brilliant sit-com LEAD BALLOON and I can`t BELIEVE what I missed(Thank goodness for BBC i-player)...

My very very good friend Clare had her book used on it as a prop. The very JACK DEE was HOLDING HER BOOK!!! THE BOOK THAT CLARE WROTE!!! HOW cool is THAT!!!?
I`m so pleased for her. What an honour eh... of all the books in the world to choose and they chose Clare`s book "98 REASONS FOR BEING"

OMG OMG!! (Its probably just as well I didn`t see it "live" the whole street would have heard me shrieking.(that`s to be roughly translated as "damn it would have looked SO good on our new plasma")

Clare you are a star.

Friday, 5 December 2008

...and the winner is....

Hey kids!!!!!

Look what your dad won at the school fair tonight!!!!!!!!

I also need to have a record of a little baby jumper I started knitting in the summer on the cruise. The reason for it`s inclusion on my blog is because I nearly threw the blessed thing in the Baltic Sea about 50 times... I undid various parts of it on a daily basis whilst sailing round Scandinavia...(not concentrating!)... it was touch and go whether it would even survive the trip at all. My perseverance paid off and it must now be the most travelled baby jumper known... to George ...anyway.(IT`S BEEN TO RUSSIA!!!!) I hope he wears it at least ONCE!!!!!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

10 today!!!


Friday, 28 November 2008

lots of socks!

Well... it`s official... nobody is too old for a stocking! I am now back in action again having received a new foot pedal for my sewing machine and have made a newly married couple one each(romantic eh?)

and one each for the new parents of a beautiful bouncy baby boy

and this one is being sent out to Cyprus...

oh I am a busy bee...

...meanwhile husb was having a Victor Meldrew moment-he was sat marking test papers when he knocked the answer paper off the arm of the chair and straight into the shredder... what are the chances eh?

Saturday, 22 November 2008


P.U.S.B!!!!!! P.U.S.B!!!!!!

By the sound of the match report, Sheffield Wednesday were the better side but "HEY" they didn`t put the ball in the net and WE did so wutwoo and yippee and WEYHEY! 3 very welcome points for the Sky Blues.

It was a great tonic after what has been a frustrating week.A week where I haven`t got very far fast.I`d got my sewing machine back and was eager to get cracking on my stockings again so nipped up to the market for more red fabric only to find Cooper`s closed..apparently Cooper was on holiday. The totally unhelpful lady in the butchers opposite kindly informed me ("kindly"???)that she had opened up his stall for him but ONLY until 3 oclock and it was NOW half past and she wasn`t getting paid for it and it was only a favour for mr Cooper and yes she had the key but no she wasn`t opening up again.(Temporarily thwarted)(it gets worse)

I eventually DID get some more fabric from somewhere else and got cracking again..the newly serviced machine purring and sewing like a dream...until..OMG OMG OMG it suddenly started sewing on its own. SMOKE WAS POURING FROM THE FOOT PEDAL!!! OMG!! OMG!! Quelle Horreure.

THWARTED!!! But more worryingly could I have set the house on fire? Mr Singer-Fix-It says its not serious and IS repairable so fingers crossed as Ive got half a dozen half finished stockings.. (and plenty still on the cutting table) and its nearly December.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Progress is made...

Look what arrived in the post today!!! BUSINESS CARDS from the cubba at his London office. I don`t know how important he is there yet(he`s been there 6 weeks!) but things are looking good!

It`s been a very good week (if you ignore the fact that the Sky Blues blew it in the last 5 minutes of their game at home to Plymouth)(but as a loyal but long suffering CCFC supporter, Im used to that)

1. Our house is warm!I didnt think I`d ever get excited about a new front door ! but it`s so nice not to have that draught blowing up the stairs.(We`d better paint the step)

2. Linz has finished her chemo!!! YIPPEE and WEYHEY and WUTWOO!! I want to put it on record here how much I have admired her attitude to her treatment.Basically she just got on with it. One day at a time, doing only what she could. She has ..quite simply.. been.. fantastic. WELL DONE!

3. Drake`s boyfriend has started his job as a Postman Pat. Sammie was keen to snuggle under his new hi-vis jacket.Anything for a bit of fuss!

4. My sewing machine is home from the menders!!!!!!!! I can get on with my Christmas stockings!!!!! Husb is convinced it had a heart attack ... all this fast whizzy zigzag stitch after lying dormant in my friend`s must have been too much for it...

5. The "devillishly handsome Mr Thornton" aka Lucas North looks splendidly dishy on our new flat screen tv. Need I say more...

6. Drake and I had an afternoon in Liverpool (OMG look at that blue sky!)looking at the Art of Architecture exhibition in the fabulous crypt of the Metropolitan Cathedral

It is the first time the crypt has been used for a major exhibition.I liked the high vaulted ceilings, the dark bricks and the grey granite, perfect for the work of Le Corbusier who is regarded as the twentieth century`s single most influential architect. "Space and light and order.Those are the things that men need just as much as they need bread or a place to sleep"

7. And at last I got round to burning Ruth`s bread board... she got married in August so just a few weeks late!

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Goodbye Shawn

You can get quite a lot done in a day if you put your mind to it. And today was one of those days. Mind you it was a case of "having to" get it done...I managed to completely wreck Mr Denton`s back tyre last night with a huge gash in it, so first job of the day was to put the spare wheel on and get to a tyre shop to buy a new one.

By which time the car dismantlers had arrived to take away Shawn the Panda(yes, Shawn with a "W")He was a great little car, I cant believe I got 4 growing children in him AND a dog AND a full cricket tea AND bikes on the back...anyway I took the 4 football wheel hub caps off and off to the scrapyard he went. Ah bless.I`ll miss him bacause he was my little "shed"...full of dog towels and dog balls and cricket stuff... and Postman Pat would leave parcels inside if nobody was home to receive them...Ah bless..GOODBYE SHAWN.

We just had time to cut the hedge and tidy up the weeds when.....

...a TON of gravel arrived. No time like the present eh? So armed with a plantpot each and a rake and an abundance of energy, Husb and I set about spreading it all over the drive, giving our abdominal muscles a good workout in the process.

Not bad eh?

So... a busy couple of days, as yesterday was spent catching up with the family in Coventry. And not just the family!!! We were sat in the pub waiting for our table when an old junior school friend and her family came in. Oh the excitement! Ive not seen her for 40 years but recognised her straight away(to her delight! "Haven`t I aged much then?") I had a little chuckle to myself when I played Stevie Winwood`s "Valerieeeeeeeeeeee" at keep fit this morning!

It was a great day because in addition to the meal being an absolute bargain...

.... Dad looked well, Brozie was gorgeous as usual, Sisil was great company (HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLS!) and...Richie Benski... "hasnt he growwwwwwwwnnn". And grown up! His choc chip and walnut cookies were quite delightful.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Mr + Mrs! Debbie nand Nigel.

After many years of living together, like about 15 to be exact,Debbie and Nigel finally tied the knot!The service was held in a lovely little chapel in Crewe-by-Farndon and their wedding was the first wedding to take place there this century.(Ah....I remember having to get a special licence for OUR wedding in the Chester College chapel)

The vicar was witty... he had us all laughing... so much so that the best man started to look worried.. its not often your main threat in the entertainment stakes comes from the clergy!

Their transport was a fabulous stretch beetle... magnificent and somehow very cute!

Debbie looked gorgeous, I`m still wondering whether she had her cycling shorts on underneath that lovely dress! As she is a keen triathlete(she persuaded Nigel to do a mini triathlon too)(brave boy) I made them a bread board as a keepsake.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

more colouring!

I think I am addicted to colouring. I can honestly say I feel a bit lost when I haven`t got a picture on the go or any more orders to get started on.(Partly because I have no excuse not to do any housework)I even like the challenge of inventing different letters, although at the time, I did get a bit frustrated trying to think up 3 different A`s in this picture for Lorna`s new baby granddaughter NATASHA. The last time I coloured this name was 25 years ago for my neice...I probably did the 3 A`s the same as it was one of the first name plaques I made.It would be interesting to see how much the characters have changed over the years. I`m blogging it as a record... (and you never know,there may be more Natashas out there(in there?) waiting to be born)

Monday, 20 October 2008

Clever Anagrams

PUSB! "We were robbed!!" this weekend...I heard on good authority that the Sky Blues "played Wolves off the park for the first half" but as usual we didnt put away our chances... apparently in the second half both teams kept coliding with each other and tripping over in a bizarre display of ball missing.Just as well Phil and I didnt go then.

Not a lot of news so I`ll share with you some clever anagrams I found recently in an old work newsletter. Anyone know any more?












and finally(oh dear)
(Im not keen on mother in law jokes , husb and I having never had one)

Saturday, 11 October 2008

An afternoon at Bangor-on-Dee Races.

It was "totepool day" at Bangor today, featuring the toteswinger handicap chase, so Husb and I headed out to our local National Hunt racecourse near Wrexham. It was a lovely afternoon..we had none of the rain that had evidently poured down in Chester and the mild weather attracted a very good crowd (the ladies wearing more dresses than I have ever seen at Bangor before).

Husb was very impressed with the grass, as a cricketer he notices things like the quality of grass(and I had to agree it was plush, very green and very dry).

So full of enthusiasm and armed with the day`s top tips, we headed off to place our bets. The first race, a handicap steeple chase, was won by Laoch Dubh. No luck there then.

The toteswinger handicap chase was won by Bill`s Echo (let me quote the programme notes "Will need to raise his game to trouble the judge today" hmmmm)We didnt back that horse either.

Khachaturian won the third but was very short odds so we hadn`t backed him, besides.. I wanted Quail to win having eaten a quail`s egg on our cruise!

We should have put our money on Breedsbreeze in the novices steeple chase but I was a little reluctant to back a horse in the colours of Aston Villa fanatic Jim Lewis (he`s a lovely chap but... Aston Villa???? PUSB! PUSB!)We weren`t surprised to see him win although it was only by a last minute "neck"!!

WHAT A BUZZ!! "WHAT A BUZZ" indeed! At last I was able to shriek... this beautiful horse won me £30 WUTWOOOOO! and it was staying in my pocket! "IT MATTERS MORE WHEN THERE`S MONEY ON IT" certainly does.

(Is the jockey a Sheffield Utd fan?)

It was a great afternoon and my winnings DID stay in my pocket because, on learning that 11th October 1844 was the birth date of HENRY HEINZ(the things you learn from a racing programme eh?)I had baked beans for tea.

Thursday, 9 October 2008


Yes! Yes! Yes! YIPPEE! WUTWOO! SHE DID IT! Drake passed her driving test!! The worrying thing is, she looks very comfortable and completely at home behind the wheel of Mr Denton..hmmm..I suppose I shall have to address that fact in the not too distant future! I`ll just let her do the PassPlus first...

Very well done Skeeni, you`ll have to have a little drive out to Prees Wem one day!

WEYHEY! Now look what she`s done. Nixen Pixen taught her how to knit while husb and I were cruising and once she got started she just didnt stop. With a little help from her boyfriend (YES Ian knitted a high percentage of it)she has knitted a magnificent blanket for a very special lady`s 80th birthday.Impressive or what?!! Fantastic!
(Hey there big sis, what dyu think?)

Sunday, 5 October 2008


PUSB!! PUSB!! ("Let`s all sing together")

Oh my goodness the Sky Blues scored four!!!Not only did they score four, they climbed 8 places up the Championship table to 6th.Before the start of the game against Southampton, the City were 14th and a win would see us achieve Chris Coleman`s short term target of 15 points from 10 games, but the fact that we scored FOUR meant we were up to 6th due to goal difference. FOUR goals.....the perfect number for an aerobics instructor, we did 4 of everything at the Arena this morning!

It could have been could have been 6.. Doyler managed to put one over the bar from 10 yards and prior to that Lord Ward missed a penalty, generously given to us by referee Mike Jones who, incidently comes from Chester, in fact, from Christleton where Husb plays cricket.

PUSB!! PUSB!! Worthy of a blog.. we don`t score 4 very often!

Friday, 3 October 2008

Happy happenings.

Well I`ve had a good week.

Our night out at La Fattoria early in the week was great. We were celebrating Linz`s 50th...and it turned out to be an excellent choice of venue as we had fantastic service...14 different meals including me requesting no garlic on my broccoli(why would you fry broccoli with garlic???????)we all had a complimentary shot of the most delicious lemoncelo and Linz had the full birthday treatment of clangers, tambourines and rattles from every available waiter as they presented her with her celebratory cake.

On Wednesday my much awaited order of picture frames arrived so I was able to frame up BENJAMIN for one of my best friend`s grandson.

I received an email from Mark(Zimbabwe Mark!!!!) who has been reading my blog in the States!!! We were great mates for ages... it`s brilliant that we are now back in touch again.

And today I heard that Alan and Paul have won the "Chronicle`s Cheshire 2008 Year of the Garden Award" for their garden at The Rowans in Threapwood, near Malpas... what fabulous news! I`m so pleased for them. They have done an amazing job on their garden, transforming an acre of field into a landscape garden with statues, ponds and a vast array of brightly coloured plants and flowers.There is no need for the lads to go to the gym with all that digging!Well done chaps!