Friday, 25 November 2022

Saltburn! Last day!


Our last day.
A double fish'n'chipper!
In and out of the sea.
Donkey rides and icecreams.
Sandcastles and Ya Ya CHOP.
I'm not even putting these photos in order!
It was just a typical day on the beach.

It was a brilliant 2 weeks up north and I expect we shall be going again next year.

Darlo 3/8/22

There was a Birds of Prey event on at Head of Steam, Darlington's railway museum.
Head of Steam is located on the 1825 route of the Stockton and Darlington Railway which was the world's first steam-powered passenger railway.... and it very conveniently had holes for Mam and NanaBub's faces.

There was a quiz!

Redcar was one of the earliest coastal towns connected to the railway...from 1846.
The line was extended in 1861 to reach the newly created resort of Saltburn which created a bit of competition for Redcar but the opening of Redcar racecourse in 1872 ensured its continued popularity.
The Zetland Hotel opened in 1863 in Saltburn as one of the world's first railway hotels served by its own private platform.

It is a great museum, we had a thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours.
What a shame it was too windy for the Birds of Prey to fly though.

Darlo has good knitters.

And after an icecream, or in my case, a brew, Soph and I did a plank in an art shop.
Paul Denham is Clare Angell Mallon's cousin.


Kirkleatham, Redcar, 42nd anniversary

We bought each other flowers!
42 years!

Quick photoshoot, then off the Kirkleatham for a stunning knitted afternoon tea.

I had fun in the mirrors...

and looked at lots and lots of FLOWERS and BEES and BUTTERFLIES in the Hospitality Garden.
The Hospitality Garden was inspired by the spirit of Sir William Turner with many species of plants renowned for their healing properties - a nod to Sir William Turner's hospital and Almshouses. 

Echinacea (Daisy family)

Comma butterfly

Pasiflora (Passion flower)


Red Hot Poker

When we came out we saw the Knife Angel being installed.
Press and cameras everywhere.

And then on to Redcar.
This time we walked along the beach from Redcar to Saltburn
(what again?)(Yes again)

There was hardly a soul on the beach.

The ice cream had a Lemon Top.

More knitted magnificence....the royal horses....

and royal corgis....

and  a crown...

..with an afternoon tea.

You'd think we had walked enough but hey.. we are the Jolly Hollies...and we had f'n'ch to walk off tonight we walked from Staithes round to the other side of the harbour, to Cowbar.

The noise of the herring gulls and kittiwakes was incredible.
I can't believe we didn't get tiddled on.