Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Limon in Costa Rica Dec 2019 Cahuita Park

The Jolly Hollies made it to Costa Rica woopwoop!

A scenic bus ride took us to Cahuita National Park.

We passed banana plantations.

And arrived at Cahuita National Park, a rainforest alongside the sea.
Right up my street.
The entrance is free, though a donation is "encouraged".

This amazing park in the Limon Province was created in 1970 and we just enjoyed a walk along the trail, getting soaked occasionally by rogue waves, planking where possible and looking out for any wildlife while admiring the beautiful trees, shrubs and plants.

White faced capuchin monkeys, sloths, snakes, butterflies, lizards.... we saw them all, it was just a case of listening out for them and eavesdropping what the tour group ahead were looking at.

I'd never have spotted this sloth up high in the tree.
It doesn't help that they rarely move, I believe they only come down to the ground once a week for a poo.

Yellow snake.
We saw a guide pointing this out!

Green snake (maybe!)

If we had had time I would have been IN this coral-rich sea. WAS 22nd December.
No one else appeared to be wearing such festive eyewear though.

A plank for my #planksaroundtheworld album 
(It's worth a look!)
(There are now over 1000 planks in it)

This spider was redder than this looks.

A coati ran right across in front of us and Husb caught it on camera perfectly (but he left his camera on the bus on the way back)(argh) so I have no evidence of his impressive stripey tail.

We had some fun with the bold and cheeky capuchin monkeys.


It was having lunch.

It may not have been very sunny but it was very warm and just as we climbed back on to the bus the heavens opened. Talk about perfect timing. We JUST avoided a very heavy downpour. Others got onto the bus drenched!

Back at the port we bought coffee, hot chocolate and ginger cacao beans ...and I couldn't miss an  opportunity to do some colouring.

Or yet another plank.

The map of where we went.

It was brilliant.
Considering I had to be persuaded to go...for the timing of it more than was a superb week and WE SAW SLOTHS.
(It's mildly amusing that we've got one in Chester Zoo but that doesn't count.)

And an added bonus was the CHRISTMAS DINNER on the PLANE as we were flying home on CHRISTMAS DAY.
We arrived back in Chester to this little beauty.

And once we'd dropped off our suitcases and picked up our winter woollies, we were straight on to the motorway and on our way to Darlington for the rest of Christmas Day with The Bells.