Sunday, 21 April 2019

NYE,NYD 2018/2019

What a lovely card from NixenPixen, Bells and Soph 💖

On New Years Eve this year we went to see A Christmas Carol at the Liverpool Playhouse which was absolutely bonkers. Very silly but also very clever and staying true to the story, it was a real treat. I think there were only 4 people playing all the parts which made the meal for a family of 6 hilarious, there was a Torvill and Dean sequence and a waltz with a Henry Hoover, and all the while Scooge shouting LOWER! LOWER! to his secretary who was stroking his leg. Totally ridiculous but so original. Brilliant fun by the "clowning experts", Spymonkey. 

We saw the New Year in on our own this year as the Hennies went back home after supper.

And on New Years Day we were UP!
UP early and UP Moel Famau.


One day later I was spending some birthday money on some ridiculous Doc Martens...

(well...of course...)

...meanwhile NixenPixen was chalking off her 60th ParkRun....

...and Rich and Mel had Cali.
On 2nd Jan, Rich's birthday.

2019 had got off to a very good start.

Saturday, 20 April 2019

Slowboat 2018

Party prep!

And then they arrived!

Vi and Debbie, Barb and John (I think!)

Jo and Cheryl 


Lucy and Alan

Lovely couple

With Linz and Celine.

and Lisa

Amber, Mark and Emma

Jude Helen Sue Val Frannieeee Tall Marg

Who knows?!! Possibly Lianne Trudi Helen??!!

Jean Steve Sue Martin

THE BUSES! with Bumpy

Tennis Sue, Littl'Jane

Diana, Sophia, Emma


Amy, Lisa


Theresa and Angela

Vanessa Helen Mandy Kate

Maz and Donna

Handsome chaps

Lovely Val

Young love .Luke and Esbea

Malcolm won the SPROUTS!

Audra Trish Lynette Malcolm

Paul Phil Anne Emma Josh Gem Tina Andy Kelly Mark

The lovely Nilshia

Tuesday night aquas 


Frannieeee She and Sam

The lovely Helen and lollipop Kay

Amber Emma Tami Lisa Malcolm Jenny Lucy


Christmas 2018

Hilarious hi-jinks and a flashing nose at Rowton.
Jan's bauble nearly drowned her haha
and my puddings gave me a thrashing.

Batman did his bit at Christleton.

and two days later Janey(front, bottom,right) had the baby.

Square One was as ace as ever.

I was made up with my Prancer.

And then the Bells arrived. YIPPEE!

We walked in to town for some festive cheer.

Chester Cathedral and Grosvenor Precinct.


The Buses would be round later.

Auntie Liddy excelled herself this year, her presents were superb and this blanket is amazing.
We are hoping it will get Sophie to and through University.

But first she had to have a bath!

The Smiths played Rudolf Hoopla.

 The stockings were emptied over in the States.

Sophie couldn't get enough of her walker.

We played Rudolf Hoopla too.