Thursday, 22 July 2021

CHESTER ZOO!! 3/6/21 Half term fun with the Bells

We were READY!!


Naturally we went to the cricket club!

And the pond.

We coloured and watered the garden.

CHESTER ZOO was ACE as usual.
Spent all day there and managed to miss the penguins, otters and lions! 

The giraffes were a big hit though!

The Congo Buffalo surprised us all!

Lucy loved the Bear.

Had fun down by the river.

We nipped up to Square One Park...

And OF COURSE we had a swim!

But most importantly, we got tomato sauce everywhere.


Drake met Louie 9/4/21

A day in Darlo so Drake could meet Luce.

Garden games, golf, , bubbles, hopscotch, South Park...
all the usual family fun

but with the bonus of  A DOUBLE FLAKE ice cream!