Sunday, 19 July 2015

When Bubble and Squeak met Kayse and KC :)

What a great afternoon.
 It was just like yesterday, honestly.
 Especially as Kayse sounded exactly like she did at college- her Burnley accent hasn't become Aussie twang AT ALL. Philly was absolutely made up we went to the Club- cricket had been cancelled and the carvery was quiet which meant perfect conditions for 4 college girls to do some squawking,  

Good drama skills by us,
The holiday brochure shot.

We haven't changed much in 5 years have we :)

In fact, it was just like .... 35 years ago.  

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Sunday Walkies #7 Father's Day 2015

It was lovely. 
Hoylake... past the monument, back along the beach and round the lake.

People pay £££££££s for a bouffey coiffure like this...HA!
It's OK, I've shown Carol :)

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Being fabulous (Chester Half Marathon 2015)

We were so fabulous.
We didn't have any choice. 
Every day for the previous week we had been telling ourselves we were going to be fabulous.

When we got to the racecourse for the start we were determined to be fabulous.
We told Lisa to be fabulous too.

And for 13 miles we kept telling ourselves "We are being fabulous."

This was because I was running with one and a half eyes (grrr) and one and a half buttocks. (I had been shovelling  pebbles to make room for Husb's new Cactus while he was in school for Ofsted and I had woken up with a sore glute)
Drake had acquired a wobbly hip and a bit of stitch at mile ten so between us we had a variety of things thwarting our fabulousness.

But look how fabulous we were.

We just ran and ran and ran.

I paid a lot of money for these pictures so you are having all of them.

And anyway we were fabulous.

As with all fun run type events the finishing time is not important.
It started WITH A ONE!!!

And anyway I was 8th in my age group, WOOP!

There were an extra 1,000 runners this year and you couldn't half tell the difference. There were times when the roads were very congested, especially when we tried to get past the 2 HOUR pace runner, People seemed to be stuck to him like he was their personal guide.

Somehow we managed to miss seeing anyone we knew despite seeing that we had finished within minutes of each other. How did we not even see Lisa? AT ALL? 

We DID see the adorable Claire though.

Fabberty fabberty FAB!