Friday, 24 April 2009

More days with Grandad Geoff...and ANZAC DAY

After working hard in my KEEP FIT CRECHE for two days, entertaining several children, in particular Isabel

...we took Gramps out for a well deserved fish and chip supper with a (carbohydrate overload) bread and butter pudding desert..... yummy

3 empty plates. As Gramps frequently tells us " You don`t leave anything on your plate but BONES!!" (Bones and/or lemon rind in this instance)

Today it was off to cricket, 2nd XI were at home to Marple, but more importantly it was ANZAC DAY in Australia so we had Anzac Biscuits on the table(though not for long... yummy)

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Woolly cows and guinea pigs

We had a lovely walk down by the woolly cows, (and saw some of the local RED POLL cattle too) We may go there again today because Sammie can have a good run with no worries about traffic, and Geoffdad can sit on a bench while I stomp off (or, more usually, go and get the ball that Sammie hasn`t brought back)

The GOWY WOODLAND PARK looked lovely in the sun. It is home to a mixture of habitats, indeed a new pond has recently been created to provide habitat for the rare Great Crested Newt. I can`t say that I have seen one of those yet but I DID see some otters running along the bank a few weeks ago.

When we got home we had a little cuddle with the wildlife of our own...

Monday, 20 April 2009


I`m so excited. I`m growing beetroot! Uncle Ivor would be so proud of me (and so will PHIL when I tell him).I suppose some people would think I`m cheating because I`m growing it in a bag(it`s a very nice bag... I`m considering using it for shopping after the harvest) I assume there will BE a harvest but I know how hard it is to grow beetroot. Fingers crossed folks (omg I`m so excited)

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Easter Sunday in Coventry, YIPPEE!!

What a fantastic day! We left the glorious sunshine of Chester behind us and headed down to a grey and overcast Coventry but we all had such a great afternoon, no-one noticed the weather. 26 of us in all..... BRILLIANT!!!!

Grandad Geoffdad with the Jolly Hollies(Chris is in Sydney so he came in a frame) Geoffdad qualified for an EASTER EGG.... My nephews, Ed and Ben.The Chaddies. The Jacksons... what lovely children. At last I met Paul`s lovely wife after years of texting her...

Auntie Sheila Jackson
Of course I did an "ode"...(all 26 got a mention)

Mataio received his name picture...

Matt was pleased with it... very pleased...

Nat`s Naomi was given her`s...

Paul and Bean

Geoff and his 3 children...
The Smith-Rayner cousins(Glynny is in the USA so she,too, came in a frame)

See, Glynny, I promised! 3 generations of the Rayner side of the family (Seb is in Oz so he got framed too!)

Paul, Daniel, Laura, a poodle and a giraffe.

The meal at the Hilton, which included a phonecall from the other side of the WORLD,OMG,OMG (what a star our cub is)...

...was followed by fun and games at Geoffdad`s house...

.....ha ha... :) (we weren`t ready!!)


Yes Wills, that... is your husband...(of 16 years wutwoo) !A great Easter Sunday! Nelly would have been proud of us all, all getting together on what would have been her birthday. YIPPEE!

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Recycling! Making Paper.

I decided to make good use of all the spinning, aqua and aerobics receipts I collect every day by recycling them all into paper.

The initial attempts were a bit lumpy and virtually impossible to write on (not much use there then!) but after several experimental batches, I am now beginning to produce thinner, flatter sheets and have recently made a little notebook.

Here`s how....

Soak small pieces of paper in a large amount of water and leave to soak overnight...(add yellowy bits of celery [the bits Nic doesn`t like] if desired)

Liquidising the pulp in a hand blender makes smoother paper. Agitate the pulp and then quickly dip the mould into the bowl to collect some of the pulp and "throw the wave" to even it out across the mesh, then transfer to a dry cloth.

when dry, peel the sheets from the cloth and iron when husby goes out.

Voila! The pages made into a little notebook! I just need Nic to use her bookmaking skills to make a hardback cover and bind the sheets together for a more professional finish.