Thursday, 22 January 2009


Move over Johnny Depp...make way for Aliholli Sparrow...

No... seriously... there are real goings-on under that eye patch. I`m just about getting the feeling back as I`m typing (not easy with only one eye)having had my eyeball numbed (amazing) and my eyelid anaesthetised.What we thought was a blocked duct or cyst turned out, in fact, to be a pesky little papilloma, or skin tag. What a silly place to have one. It has now been safely removed (the very gentle Dr Diri showed it me) and cauterized and I didn`t feel a thing. I have only lost ONE eyelash (which to those of you who know me well is of the utmost importance... NOT)(!)and that`s it.. job done. I dont know whether to keep my patch on tonight for aerobics for dramatic effect... it`ll keep the sweat out of it so I may do...but feel I`m in danger of falling off the stage! and I need to keep my other beady eye on Angela`s high kicks...she may in fact kick me off the stage.. oh what a dilemma!
Thanks for the lift to the hospital Drakey!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Happy birthday Husb, Happy birthday Bro!

January birthdays DO arrive very quickly after Christmas (though not as quickly as mine does, I admit)but hey, you can`t half get some bargains. Both Husb and Bro
(WE "GET ON"!..pictured here on my 50th)

had the snuggliest, thick, warm dressing gowns at a fraction of the original price and although it led to both boys commenting "All I need now is a pipe", it was too good an offer to refuse.

It was also difficult to resist this little family of Rudolf`s Reindeers(and pumpkin jellies) at such a knock down price, but I couldn`t justify Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner AND just bought the first four!

Note here Husb`s card from Carol..... YES! ITS HUSB!! AT THE CREASE!! What a shot!!

He is now on a par with the the keeper of the snails with a "To be read" pile of books... I don`t suppose they will last him long...

And of course there was CAKE...

I had a brilliant birthday too and I have now officially worn all FIVE pairs of birthday boots

Saturday, 3 January 2009

here goes....2009...

Having carried Chris over our threshold into the New Year, we spent New Year`s Day in Coventry with the family. My sister was there to meet us, Chris came up from London to be with us, Ross got out of bed to join us... and Dids, Wils and Benners drove over to eat with us..... my fab fun father said it made his Christmas.

It was a lovely day to travel. We hardly saw any other cars on the roads and every where was frosty white and looked so pretty...even the M6 was scenic.

Great F.A. Cup excitement today! Coventry City knocked out the non-league side Kidderminster 2-o(phew) PUSB PUSB! We are , however still the last ever team to have been knocked out by a lower league club(Sutton Utd... will we ever be able to forget??) when we were a Premier League club.

On behalf of the CUBBA CHRIS
"WUTWOO YIPPEE and WEYHEY" for the magnificent win by FOREST over my brother`s Man City (Dids is no doubt thinking "BOOOOO HISSSSS ARECIFFFFF!")

All my classes are back on now although there has not been much evidence of over eating...maybe it has just been WAY TOO COLD to consider putting shorts on(minus 5 this morning, brrrrr) classes are quiet anyway. I did, however have my first two NYR`s in my spin class today, NYR being New Year Rezzies!

Thursday, 1 January 2009