Friday, 27 March 2009


Look what came through the post this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!! From half way round the planet!!!!!!

Yes Chris is definitely living the dream. his appartment is the second block to the left of the Sydney Opera House, his balony overlooks the Botanical gardens and he can see the Opera House sails from his sofa. What an incredible location!

He travels over the magnificent Harbour Bridge several days a week to his office and has all weekend to explore this "lovely relaxed easy-paced city". Bondi Beach-everyone had said it was a bit over-rated but he loved it and did a very scenic coastal walk from Bondi to Bronte while watching the surfers. This was followed by a trip to the North Sydney cricket ground where our magnificent(and gorgeous, beautiful,good looking) girls WON THE WORLD CUP!!! OMG OMG OMG I SAW HIM on the highlights progamme clapping the girls at the presentation!!! I recognised his yellow Brazil football shirt immediately (WUTWOOOOOOOO)

I can`t wait to hear what he has seen this weekend... let`s face it, it will be totally amazing whatever he does!!!

Sculptures along the cycle path

I went for a bike ride along the cycle path to see these amazing carvings. I don`t know much/anything about them, although I have been told they were all done by one craftsman with his saw.... anyway I went back again today with the hound to take a few photos, I`m glad I did because already some senseless person has snapped the heads off a couple of the meerkats.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

RED NOSE WEEK March 2009

Well we definitely got redder as the week went on! This was Monday...
Ronald McDonald????? A fine pair of legs if you want my opinion..

Has she got the same hairdresser as me??

Nice bras girls.... (this pair still look glam even in fancy dress)

As you can see Monday was a rather tentative, low key attempt at dressing up...("will I be the only one ??")
...although we look redder here...

We got progressively redder as the week went on.... This was Thursday...

I didn`t know knees sweated so much...


Super hamstrings.....

.....and chins...
Red.... with a touch of green.....

A fine pair of... deeley boppers/pants/LEGS!

Even the Thursday night crowd made an effort to look bright and cheerful...

.and by Friday we were getting the hang of it. Great fun and a magnificent effort by everybody. Thank you and well done!!

Red and ridiculous indeed!

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Christopher Luke Hollindale M.Math(oxon)(1st Class Honours)(Very Good)

Here he is... the Master of Maths!!! (good sleeves!)

What a great day! How can I put proudness into words???

Let me tell you about the day...

We began with drinks in the Ruth Deech Building...followed by lunch in St Anne`s canteen, Top Table... then walked up to the Sheldonian Theatre for the Ceremony.

Academic degrees date from the second half of the 12th century. The present ceremony retains all the essential features of its ancient predecessors and is thus, still conducted in Latin.

First the Senior Proctor reads out all the names of the candidates who are "supplicating". When the leave of House has been granted, the college deans of degrees are called upon by the bedel to present their candidates to the Vice-Chancellor. The candidates swear an oath "Do fidem" (I swear) binding them to be loyal, obedient and faithful to the University and its interests. After admission by the Vice-Chancellor they then leave the House to don their magnificent robes.

M.Math graduates wear a white fur trim.

Later in the proceedings they return in all their glory to bow to the Vice-Chancellor. Job done!


Outside the Radcliffe Camera... the "Rad Cam" is pictured on the heading of Chris`s blog

and here with Susan in front of the Bridge of Sighs....

The Archbishop of Canterbury Gilbert Sheldon met the entire cost of the theatre £12,000 and so gave his name to the building which was built between 1664-1667. The architect was Christopher Wren, then Professor of Astronomy at Oxford. Inspired by drawings of Roman theatres, he adopted their D-shaped plan but it was the design of the roof truss able to span 70 feet which gave him great credit in scientific and architectural circles. The roof of the Sheldonian became a landmark in roof construction.
Below is the recently restored ceiling painting called "TRUTH DESCENDING ON THE ARTS AND SCIENCES TO EXPEL IGNORANCE FROM THE UNIVERSITY" by Robert Streater, 1624-79)
(followed by very proud parents,twin and baby sisters)