Monday, 26 April 2010

Cycle Path to Mickle Trafford

It makes such a difference when you have air in your tyres! So much so, that after spin tonight I biked the new part of the cycle path to Mickle Trafford. It was a lovely evening and as I had blown up my tyres with Husb's new pump, I just went. It is very impressive , as you can see there are incredible wood carvings en route and also a handsome horse and a fine fox. It is very popular with dog-walkers and bikers and I saw several people I knew.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Lyn's birthday, G.A.L.

I had a very busy aqua class on Wednesday night and that meant a quick shower at the sports centre was nigh-on-impossible, so I joined the girlies for drinks after the meal for Lyn's birthday. It was a very funny hour. We always seem to have a good laugh when we are all out together, they are such good company. Even the fact that I had parked at Iceland somehow seemed hilarious and that was before the latest "Volcanic Ash" scenario.

Lyn (sub-sis) was first to be honoured with the table fountain... I'm hoping to remember to take it to the next few meals out. What a great evening.


That's better!

Champagne bottle bread board

I've just burned another breadboard. Tom and Jenny had a beautiful day for their wedding, it was actually very warm, not like today, our 3rd XI were freezing playing cricket.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Coventry once again!

I'm just testing my dongle in Coventry AND IT WORKS!!!! Yippee!

This is big sis with husb after an afternoon of working on Dad's garden and what a lovely day for it. His drive is now weed-free and his back garden is laurel-free(it's all in my boot!)It was a lovely meal at the Mount once again too.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

EDNA is 90 today!

Edna has been a good friend for over 20 years. We were neighbours for about 16 years until she moved into her flat nearby. You can see how popular she is by the number of cards she received...and there were understandably plenty of flowers...

I was surprised to see so many different cards with 90 on, I don't think she had any 2 the same....
These were the ones which had to go on the floor as all other available surfaces were already full, at a rough count she'd had about 50 when I called.

Nic and I took her out to the local pub for lunch later on, we all enjoyed it... ladies who lunch eh..."CHEERS!" I think we made her day, with her birthday falling on Bank Holiday weekend she had a lot of visitors the day before.

What a lovely lady, she is always making me laugh ("Alison, what is skype?") and she deserves every bit of fuss and attention she has this week - tea and cakes at the Women's Fellowship, coffee and cakes after the Sunday church service, family lunch on Sunday afternoon. Edna is an absolute star.

Well worth watching!! OK GO!!

I like the ball bearings, the tinkling water glasses and the mousetrap rainbow flags.... and look how many smashed up TV sets there are in the background! Good song too. Cheers cub!

Monday, 5 April 2010

Easter 2010

Our house was full again!

While everyone else was enjoying chocolate after 6 weeks abstention during Lent, I was loving the lack of space and all the washing up that comes with a houseful of family. We did the usual Sammie-walks and Cheshire Oaks trips and also saw "The Blind Side", the film for which Sandra Bullock recently won an Oscar.

Easter Day began with home-made-Sooze-made cheesy roundthings and then it was off to Liverpool, home of the lambananas.

Tate Liverpool's THIS IS SCULPTURE exhibition featured 133 works by artists including

the wonderful Giacometti...

Jasper Johns...
(we all liked this, it features the numbers 1 to 9, can you see them all?) well as Picasso, Mondrian, Gilbert & George, Dali to name a few.

This piece is essentially a cube of mirrors with holes in but the effects are amazing and we had a lot of fun in it. So much so, we all vowed to have one in our house sometime.

Floor2 has a display of life size sculptures that reveal how the human body has been reinterpreted over the years but to counteract the notion that galleries are static spaces, the designers took the idea of a silent disco and visitors are invited to wear headphones and dance while looking at the exhibits. Yet more brilliant fun.

Time for a quick look around Liverpool One before home (It's so cheap walking round a shopping centre when it is closed!)

Nic and I realised how good for the bottom a game of squash is trying to climb these extra large steps YEOUCH!!

Bank Holiday Lunch at G.A.L. before Cub and Sooze caught the train home....

Afternoon kip?? This is why these wouldn't get an Oscar for their acting skills... (but it was a good lunch)

A great Easter weekend...

It was all too much for the pooch!