Sunday, 31 October 2010


We made time for Edna and took her out for lunch, I was made up with the LARGE pot of tea

Edna paid (well we went halves!)

...and we had a good chat.

By now, I had seriously got the geocaching bug so Pixen and I nipped up to the local nature trail (without Sammie)(heck, how serious was I!!!) but the 3 caches were not easy to find, in fact Nic had a surprise... we'd identified which tree to examine and in the crook of the banches on top of the geocache was .... a TOAD, it really made her jump.
Later we were in town (hugging elephants)... we took the opportunity to seek the cache at the famous Eastgate Clock, which was erected in 1897 to celebrate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee

Wow! It took us over half an hour to find!

Obviously it had to be safe from tourists (this is the 2nd most photographed clock behind Big Ben) and geocachers have to be discreet in their searching. I had just found it when we were approached by 2 very drunk muggles...I shrieked "GO!! GO AWAY!! I MIGHT DROP THE TREASURE!!" and looking a bit puzzled ("what IS that mad woman ON about??") they scuttled away to breathe beer onto someone else.

It was tiny. Such a good find and right in the heart of Chester.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Answers to Teasers

I have just found the "font" button so I'm posting the answers to the teasers in COURIER font. (Get me with my Courier font)


GROSS INJUSTICE (there is a 144 in there if you look carefully)







Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Em Withill brightens up my dog walk

There are 1,224,564 active geocaches around the world and I have now found 6 whoop whoop!! With the Pixen (home for half term) to spur me on and a Sammie dog for company we found 5 today! Here is the photographic evidence without giving away the geocaches hiding places(!!) I have Em Withill to thank for making my dogwalk so much more interesting!!

Checking the GPS directions

Sammie came too

Found it!! To be fair this tupperware box was NOT very well hidden but hey, I chalked up geocache number 2.

It had a nice big notebook for us to log our find...

...then it was off to find the next...would YOU have spotted this????? A slightly different colour log.

In I went!

There was another tupperware box inside...ingenious!!

The Pixen got the co-ordinates for the 3rd of the day... a "nanocache"...

HOW small is THIS!! (By this point I was getting very excited!)

A tiny roll of paper was rolled inside this minute cache so we had to log our names in very small writing...

Good job team!! A celebratory hug. (N.B. Poochina still with us)

By now I had the geocache bug and was determining where to walk Sammie by looking at new geocache locations (see what you have started Em Withill???!)
so off we went again, Pixen's "app-for-that" at the ready

Look at THIS!! Someone has drilled a hole inside a branch!! WERHOOO!

And because we had enough time, and we weren't getting rained on, and it was near, and Sammie agreed, and I wanted to.... we returned to the site of the geocache we couldn't find last month....

Yes!! There it was! So I am now up to 6, the Pixen has 26 including one in China that Em Withill found. What great fun!!

Saturday, 16 October 2010


He may have been 14 days late, (making Mum very uncomfortable) but you have to admit it, this bouncing babe is sooooo cute. Congratulations to Scott and Helen on his safe arrival, how soon will he be able to play cricket?? 9lb 15oz....WOW!

A few teasers for you

What familiar words/phrases are hidden in the following?

(Thank you to Husb's school Quiz Evening!!)

h i j k l m n o




issue issue
issue issue
issue issue
issue issue
issue issue





Saturday, 9 October 2010

Cov and Mickerloo Studio, Burwardsley


Friday was a busy day because after aerobics I went to Coventry to see how Dad was doing. We got a lot done, changed the bed, got the car through its MOT, weeded the front garden and swished some bleach round the kitchen and bathroom... so by 6pm we were both hungry. What good timing ... to arrive at the Toby carvery just as the new turkey came out of the kitchen. Delicious.


In June 2009 Mickerloo Arts opened its doors for the first time with a vision
to promote the work of exciting new artists. It had been recommended to Emma by her lecturer in glass so as it was such a lovely afternoon we went to see it.

Mickerloo Arts is
Cheshire's latest contemporary art gallery,workshops and café and is set in the stunning Cheshire countryside along the Sandstone Trail.
The first thing Drakey and I commented on was the magnificent view of the Cheshire Plain.

(And a pheasant)

Once inside though, I spotted some magnificent elephants which incidentally were the perfect colour for our lounge.

It is only a small room but the work is high quality including some pieces by a graduate from Glyndwr University.