Sunday, 24 January 2010


Having a laugh at lottie's 18th

Saturday, 23 January 2010


I didn't even know we had fuse wire in the house, let alone what to do with it, but Husb managed to fix it without too much trouble...(how do men know these things??????) However, he banned any further use of the tumble dryer. (I resurrected it recently after 20 years of sitting idle in the shed so I shouldn't have been surprised it was a bit dodgy and I won't miss it..... just thought I'd get all the washing out of the way for Husb's birthday...)

I had to do aqua after being let down by my cover but Husb had phonecalls and a visitor (hi Sharon) while I was out so I was home again before he knew it and we were able to go out for pizza before coming home for the sweet but light carrot cake.

Our day was saddened though by the death of our cricket club scorer Harry at the age of 80. He was such a character. He loved his cricket. He loved his cricket TEA. He LOVED his horse racing.(Always backed favourites) He will be sadly missed. In his memory I had my weekend £2 bet (OK I had £4 this week) on DIAMOND HARRY in the 2.20 at Haydock who romped home with lengths to spare. It was his first time over hurdles but started out as the odds-on favourite (hence my £4) (and Harry would have backed it too) and surely one to watch at the Cheltenham Festival in March.

Rest in Peace Harry, I'll miss you.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Blue moon!!!!

Happy birthday to yooooo! Nice scarf! Nice result for the blue side of Manchester in the week! Nice Top Gear book! Nice photo. Nice brother. Hope he had a nice birthday!!!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Happy birthday m'dear!

The carrot cake awaits.

However. . . . . So does a little electrical job. In my attempt to impress my man-about-the-house by tidying up and tumbledrying the socks and adorning the lounge with fresh flowers . . . I've managed to blow a fuse.(I'm not bad at fixing hot water heaters but I'm not great with fuses)(so not the best birthday gift to come home to). I'm making a cup of tea in a saucepan at the mo....Just as well I bought 6 slices of cake . . . . . . .

Saturday, 9 January 2010

New Year Rezzies

All the bikes sold out despite the snow. More dedication. Everyone looking keen to shed some seasonal pounds.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

MINUS 9 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We haven't experienced weather so cold for so long since 1992 and nearly all schools in Chester have had at least one "snow day", however all my classes went ahead as usual. I didn't risk driving though and I have to admit I quite enjoyed the stomp through the "Alpine" scenery to the sports centre.

It was a bit like a ghost town with virtually nothing on the roads and hardly anyone about. I did meet a few strange men though...

This was a fine fellow...

...But none compare to this terrific Coca-Cola polar bear that Pixen and Cubba built in 1993, the bear even had the correct arms... "Northern Lights" was a great advert wasn't it.

Yes I know I have posted this photo twice...MINUS 9!!! Crazy!

Minus 9 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Minus 9 was irrelevant to some of my hard core aerobics ladies... Sue drove in from Mouldsworth,Angela from Hawarden, Claire made it across town on her birthday, Sue and Denise came over from Curzon Park... even Sarah came from Kinnerton!! I was touched by their amazing loyalty and dedication.

So ... after class and spurred on by their positive attitude and commitment I decided to follow suit and tried out my new flippers in the hotel pool. Werhoooo indeedy! What fun they were!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

And more snow...

well it looks very pretty, especially as the Christmas lights are still up in Chester but it is now very deep and it has taken me an hour to drive a mile home. I have never been so nervous driving. I have prayed so much this Christmas to keep us all safe. I'm so thankful to be home safe and sound.


At LAST!! Chester has the white stuff! . WOOOoooo!


First walk of the new year and the new decade! It was sunny, crisp and a bit nippy but lovely. I nearly needed sunglasses it was so bright. An excellent start to a happy and healthy twenty10 (roll on the twenty20 though. . . BRRR!)

Sunday, 3 January 2010


I'm trying to grow old gracefully...(though my right hip and my left knee don't seem to realise this) so I bought this dress with some birthday money from some of my favourite people... I had to do a little demo on the living room catwalk whilst I could still see some carpet...

..because there were more presents to come... summer jimjams from the smithybears (it's minus 5 in Chester as I'm typing this so I'll stick with the wincyette for a while longer!)

lovely smellies,

and an "amazing" Pot-by-Drake.

Then it was off to see AVATAR in 3D. Brilliant film.
And a bit more brilliant in 3D.

I don't usually have birthday cake!!! WUTWOOOOOOOO

I don't usually have toffee vodka either!

Heck, that was a nice surprise. Wotabonus. YUM. Serving suggestion was poured over apple juice. Why dilute prithee??? I had it on the rock! A bit like Tia Maria?

Then it was outside with all manner of things to bring over the threshold for the New Year.

We brought in health, medicine, fun and UNO, food, warmth, intellect, riches(??!)lemsip....and Sammie the dog.

...a lovely evening.

Happy, healthy and FIT New Year to all.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Bank holiday!

While my red blooded twins gave blood at the racecourse, my mate and Sammie and I walked the course. We managed 3 circuits at exactly one mile all the way round. It felt good to be moving again, very refreshing

Coventry Christmas 2

Suitably full and with red blood cells replenished and ready for blood donating tomorrow, we headed back to GG's house for an hour of fun fun fun, Dad's poinsetta came very close to a sudden death but survived the ordeal with a broken arm... wotahoot!

The Pixen's turn with the UFO... great control!

The Coventry Christmas!

We made sure we had space for another roast dinner and headed to Coventry in 2 cars, (Cub, Sooze and I were chauffered by the Pixen whoop whoop) and we all met up at The Old Lion. There were 17 of us altogether. Here are a few photos of the family....

starting with some handsome boys...

Various couples...(various relationships between them!)

Various groups...

... a quick game of snooker before we left

(followed by darts... FAR too dangerous to photograph!)

... and a big hug for Liz for looking after us. A BRILLIANT CHRISTMAS.

Christmas 2009

We had a brilliant Christmas Day, although we weren't quite ready..... well, nothing drastic but the tree didn't have lights on till Boxing Day....(oops)

(but my all-the-way-from-Jerusalem Nativity scene did have an added feature)

The organised (and slightly smaller??) pile of presents soon became a

chaotic heap with a pooch in the middle of it all wanting a tummy-tickle....

in the middle of which Drake and Pixen had a little table tennis tournament

...and (UNBELIEEEEEEVABLE) Sooze did a bit of internet shopping!!!

Cub seemed happy enough with his new bat for the approaching season (Husb took a bit of a fancy to it too) ...

and after a few more balls it was time for lunch.

The home made crackers were profitable!! Everyone had 2 £1 scratch cards inside... Cub won £20, Drake won £5, Husb and Sooze won £2 each, not bad for a £12 stake.