Friday, 11 June 2010

World Cup!


I am!

I may not have a flag on my car or a banner hanging out of my bedroom window but I've got my shirt! (OK I've got "a" shirt) This shirt that Cub*** had at the age of about 10 travelled to India and back with my friend Dave who offered to snazzy it up a bit.

Dave, one of my spinners, has done a lot of good work in India, restoring temples after the devastating tsunami in 2004 and building children's centres. On his recent trip he took one of Cub's old England shirts with him with the intention of putting my name on the back... oh my goodness I had no idea he meant something this magnificent!! You can read his story on and it is evident he became a local hero out there. It is well worth a read.

I'm not one for backing favourites so I have had my other £2 on France (England of course!)on the principle that a) I win more if they win and b) Rooney, Torres, Messi etc may tweak a little hammy at some stage and not be as dynamic as their fans are hoping. Drake had Italy in the work sweep 4 years ago and won £80 so you never know, its a funny ol' game.

*** Read Cub's predictions here!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Dad and an 80th birthday baked potato party!

Pat is a regular at my aquarobics class and is an inspiration to us all. She is tiny and quiet but I can see her because she stands right at the front and I can honestly say that she does the whole class from start to finish. I wasn't letting her 80th birthday go by without marking the occasion with some fuss of some sort, so armed with a couple of banners and a couple balloons and with Pat wearing pink shiny deely boppers, we splished and sploshed with a few extra whoop whoops and several "EIGHTY!!!!"s, and then headed off into the cafe for a sackful of baked potatoes and a slice of cake.

Dad came too and being the only male in a room full of women, he had some fuss too.

Bearing in mind we had got out of the water a mere 20 minutes before these photos we don't look bad do we and the tayros look delicious too.(They were)

Dot took a particular liking to Geoffers who wasn't complaining....(she undid all his shirt buttons...)

Pat may not be a wild party animal but she enjoyed every minute of her party and has got a nice bottle of Pat's Birthday Bubbly to enjoy on Friday. Congratulations Pat, I love you to bits, have a wonderful birthday! (And when you've got a minute please let me know the secret to you being this fit at 80)(WOW!)

In complete contrast, Dad spent a morning with 3 year olds in my Keep Fit creche on Monday and he proved to be a big hit with them all, Freya taking a particular liking to him!

A Place of Meadows and Tall Trees

My lovely friend has written another book!! And I feel very honoured to have been invited to the launch in a few weeks time where I will make sure Clare signs my copy. Great timing too, perfect for getting my teeth into on holiday this summer.

This is Clare's promotional video that she used at this years HAY festival (Wow!! The Hay Festival!) It was well worth all the hard work and she should be very proud of it. Lovely.

Friday, 4 June 2010

chez nic

coasters by drake

paperweight by emma olivia

cushion by Nixen Pixen

plant pot by Lyn

curtains by mum

sofa (left) by Myrtle

sofa (right) by AgeConcern

hoovering by Nixen Pixen

Coventry calling.

Well it wasn't the coolest of days to be cruising down the M6 but Coventry was calling so armed with rubber gloves and a gardening trowel I set off, leaving Husb and the Pixen to discover more Picasso delight at the Tate Gallery, Liverpool. Good progress was made, as, after a long family discussion about how best to adapt Dad's house and a mini confrontation with the new neighbour, we set about our tasks, ♪♫ ♪♫ "upstairs, downstairs and in the lady's chamber" ♪♫ ♪♫

While the Lidster tackled the kitchen and bathroom and managing to break a washing up bowl in the process, Dids cut the grass

and did a magnificent job of clearing the area behind the garage.

I forked, trowelled and weedkilled the front (while hoping The Bear would be placed in the 3.10 at Hamilton)(thanks Brownie but the uneven ground must have caught him out) and

job done,**

we all came home, and GG is now safely deposited in my colouring/burning chair...

I hope Jean likes her 85th birthday present!! She likes cats so there is a chance.

** doesn't Dids look brown?! Well he had a few extra days stranded in South Africa, courtesy of Richard Branson :)

** GG IS a cool dude , Ben (yum yum)