Saturday, 29 October 2011

October half term 2011

Its the end of October already (can anyone believe it?) but the weather was nice enough for our half term week.

While Husb and Drake were in our capital city researching various glass artists and exhibits, I met Fiona at the Choaks woooooo!

It was also graduation week at Glyndwr Uni and my goodness, doesn't Kay's daughter Karen look fantastic in her cap and gown, it brought tears to Kay's eyes and so it should, she should be very proud of her.

WELL DONE KAREN on your 2.1 degree in Social Studies!

The Pixen drove home for a few days and naturally we went geocaching... firstly down by the canal and secondly down by the river and both times wearing her gorgeous new red coat which will be SOOOOO cosy for those snowy days up North.

The exciting part was finding a TRAVEL BUG in the geocache by the river OMG OMG!!! We now have to make sure we help it to fulfil its mission, I personally think Malaysia could be a good next stop!! (?)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Cub meets Dids and Ben at the Emirates

Arsenal faced Premier League strugglers Bolton Wanderers in the Carling Cup tonight so the Cub made arrangements to meet Ben and Dids at the Emirates along with 56,625 others... a record crowd for a Carling Cup fixture and evidence that Arsenal's pricing policy is working!

No wonder I couldn't persuade Diddy to come to watch Cov v Forest at the Ricoh if he's been accompanying Ben to the Arsenal games this season!

Cub and Benners

Diddy has a new bezzie!! The Chesterfield legend Kevin Davies was near enough for a photo although he wasn't actually playing.

The shirt numbers added up to a few hundred (both 49 and 56 started) but the young Gunners came from behind to win 2-1 and they now go through to the quarter finals for the ninth year running.

Dids and Kev

Full report here if you are a fan (No....PUSB PUSB!! haha)

Meanwhile back in Chester, Husb and I took the Pixen to our new John Lewis where there was a good selection of Orla Kiely stuff at fairly silly prices. (But that's designer stuff for you...

Anyway we enjoyed watching the 3D TV despite feeling a little queasy after the underwater scenes and then had a lot of fun being photographed with silly faces on the new ipads and computers.I'm not sure I should be posting these but they are funny!! We were chipmonks, frogs and aliens!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Chopping down the Forest CCFC v NFFC

The Sky Blues need plenty of support at the moment so I headed off down the M6 to watch the game versus Forest, a game we really needed to win to kickstart our climb back up the Championship table. I promised Cub I'd send him the programme.... look who's IN IT presenting Man of the Match award!!

I met Browny and it was only right that we had our photo taken with the mighty Oggy!

Dick and Pam were on excellent form, especially Pam who was fantastic company. It was lovely to meet them.

Do you recognise them Dids? They remembered giving you lifts home from your cricketing days with the GEC.

Forest made it hard work for the City in the first half, we couldn't seem to get through their defence at all. It wasn't a great half, but apparently it wasn't "as bad as Barnsley".

Half time NIL-NIL....time for plenty of these! (The others had a drink from the bar so I had their cups of tea, no point in wasting the hot water...)

The Forest fans helped the crowd total over 15,700 and they were in good voice.

Until we scored!


Lee Camp had produced a brilliant save from Keogh moments before Lukey Jukey headed the goal in from about 8 yards WOOOOOOOOOO One nil!!

And it stayed like that. City were far better in the second half and I think on balance we were the better side. Chris Hussey had a good game, Platty caused a few problems for the Tricky Trees and Cyrus Christie was on very good form.

I wonder who John Sillett would have chosen as his Man of the Match. (OMG OMG JOHN SILLETT the legend. He is now a life President of the Club PUSB PUSB)

It was a very welcome win for Andy Thorn's lads, YIPPEEEEE!

"I like it when we win" - Mr Brown was clearly delighted with the 3 points

Cyrus Christie came through to the lounge to receive his Man of the Match award.

But the highlight of the afternoon was a cuddle with David Busst.

Click HERE for the other highlights!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Down by the Dee with Edna

I should have been colouring letters or painting mugs or sewing stockings (not even started on those yet) or even clearing out the attic (seems to have taken a back seat) but it was such a lovely day I took Edna to Hickory's for a baked potato.

Hickory's was packed, every table outside was taken, and we tried to decide whether these people were just like us making the most of the unseasonal October sun or whether they were tourists or on a day off. We found a nice corner seat from which we could see both the suspension bridge and the city walls.

It was nice to see how the Groves were looking after all the improvements this year, I know when Sis came over Easter it was all cordoned off.

Anyway the Dee looked lovely in the sun - "twinkly water" - delightful!