Saturday, 21 January 2012

Diddy's 50th and Cov v Boro

WOOOO Diddy is 50!

(I've been telling everyone at the Ricoh today but I still can't actually believe it)

I worked hard to make him feel special (as opposed to "OLD"!!) and the LEGEND OGGY

sent him a great card and the other LEGEND Geoff Humpty Humpage

sent him a text-a nice surprise for him.

He had a great day but I wonder whether it was as good as mine?

I was
Playing With The Boys !!! at the Ricoh where Coventry City scored 3 GOALS!

OMG We battered Boro!!!

Chester was so windy when we left we thought there was a vague chance of a freak goal today (the City and the Boro haven't scored many this season) so we parked in space number 44, never in a million years thinking there would be 4 goals in the match, it had nil nil written all over it.

Jimmy Hill made us feel very welcome

and after the traditional fish n chips in the corporate lounge we were ready for the action.

Boro started off stronger (ish) but we were buzzing. (I definitely was)

We had two loanees making their debuts today. Hermann Hreidersson looked strong and seemed to be reading the game well, and Man City have kindly lent us Alex Nimley who impressed us all. Great feet highlighted by bright yellow boots. The Boro defence must have seen those boots coming but Nimley got past them several times, he was the one-two with McSheffers for the first goal and he scored the second with a header. Man of the Match without question.

When the THIRD GOAL (yes, the THIRD goal) went in I was worried that

a) the scoreboard might blow up, and
b) I might be walking home to Chester

OMG what a great day. =)

Diddy was celebrating his 50th and Cov were battering Boro. And the icing on the cake was a hug with the LEGEND Bussty.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Harry (James VII)

Wooooo look at Harry!

I had no idea they even MADE babygrows like this.... what a brilliant idea!

Harry was able to join his good looking parents at the Black Tie event this Christmas Eve at the grand old age of 3 weeks old.


Of course he has a name plaque. (I love it.... double elephants haha)

Welcome to our crazy world little man.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Sian's 50th

I am totally and utterly absolutely and quite positively NOT a fan of surprise parties.... but Alex, Ad and Will did a great job of organising their Mum's special evening and it WAS a brilliant night. Naturally we-keep-fitters danced a lot. And the cake was one of the best I have EVER EVER tasted - I ate my piece, Theresa's piece and Wendy's piece (how can they not like fruit cake???) (YUM!)

She had NO IDEA it was a party for her.

Theresa and I burned some calories dancing

Amanda, Yvonne, Lyn, Wendy.

I remember Sian doing Aerobics with me 3 hours before Will was born. (Gasp)

Theresa and Denise

Sian dwarfed by her children!

Congratulations on your HALF A CENTURY Sian! (I hope she liked her ODE!!)

Ludlow Races

You can catch a direct train from Chester to Ludlow but we drove and took the scenic route through Wales - this was actually due to the fact that the A41 was closed because of blown down trees and power cables.

We did in fact get hit by a flying tree branch on the way and did wonder whether we should be travelling at all, it was so windy. The rain was coming down as well adding even more water to the flooded River Severn which was quite spectacular, spreading across about 6 fields either side of us and alarmingly near the road.

Others would have turned back for home well before us but the weather improved as we approached Ludlow....we followed the first signpost to Ludlow Racecourse and were suddenly ON the course...

The B4365 crosses the racecourse at three points of the track and traffic is stopped when the course is in use.

We headed straight for the parade ring

and then across the course to the main stand to watch the race.

It is lovely. Billed as Britain's friendliest racecourse.

But there were not many there. In fact 3 bookies packed up their stuff and left after the 3rd race. Including Dave Smith. Hmmmm I was going to give him some of my hard earned cash....

Interview with winning trainer Paul Webber for ATTHERACES (or whatever)

Not only can we tick off Ludlow in our quest to visit all the courses in the country but we had a few winners between us which is always a bonus. (My face was cold though)

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Christmas 2011

Highlights of Christmas this year include

A FULL NEST! All the children together.

2 home wins for the City PUSB PUSB on Boxing Day and my birthday,

1-0 v Bristol City
2-0 v Brighton
6 points!!!! Get in!!! (We are still bottom)

Lots of schleeeeeep zzzzzzzzz. (lots of late nights painting mugs)

An alarming amount of Licquorice... I can HIGHLY RECOMMEND the sweet version of Finnish Licquorice (though that was slightly salty too)(Good choice Cub)

Not doing any planks.

Teapots (gorgeous and CHINA)...

..and elephants from England and Vietnam....


Me and my lovely sis on Chester's wheel

(Someone got stuck on it this week and had to be rescued hahaha)

(oops I shoudn't laugh)

John joining in this years Board game TENSION

Mission Impossible and Pizzahut (Its tra-DITION!)

Orla goodies, sporty stuff, pearls, racing books ...

and a day out at LUDLOW Races with several winners between us.

Fabulous and although we missed Dad we laughed a lot and he would have wanted that. The Pixen in particular was very hilarious.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Years Day Walk

I may be another year older but I can still do a handstand.

I even managed to swim a length under water this week (OMG!)

(Although it felt like I'd ruptured something when I came up for air haha)

Anyway the year 2012 IS HERE!! TWENTY TWELVE whoop whoop!!

So we opened the year with a refreshing walk at the woolly cows.

Where was everyone? Were they all still in bed?

We weren't, we were UP.

A great way to start 2012....but now to get into the Olympic mood....these will help with that...

..and Orla is with me all the way!

(OMG Get ME with my designer stuff)