Saturday, 20 October 2012

Dirty Dancing, Liverpool Empire.

We all enjoyed Dirty Dancing, especially Dale who had bought the soundtrack from a charity shop earlier that day and had been singing Hungry Eyes all afternoon (apparently the CD kept sticking on that track!) He just beamed all the way through the show. Dirty Dancing had come to Liverpool on its first ever national tour so I bought the top price seats, booked Carvers Coaches and 69 keep fitters went to ♪♫♪♫  "have the time of their lives". ♪♫♪♫

 In fact it all went swimmingly from start to finish.

I wasn't sure whether it was going to be my cup of tea as I'm not a fan of sloppy, slushy romantic stuff and I did  think it took a bit to get going... but... it turned out to be a feast of amazing dancing and totally fascinating scenery changes. The more I go to the theatre the more fascinated I am by scenery.

So... Firstly no-one forgot to come (which was a distinct possibility as I'd booked this last April.)

We had brilliant seats in the centre stalls.

The crowd were SO UP FOR IT! Binoculars on Johnny's bare chest maybe? A good crowd creates a good atmosphere and the dancers certainly fed off that, there was whooping (Michelle!) and cheering ♪♫ and plenty of dancing in our seats at the end.

The watermelons were YOOOOOOOGE.

The dancing was mind boggling at times, it was like Strictly on Steroids, and how the other girls weren't phased by the human-rubber-band that was Penny in the red dress - WOW she was the most bendy supple dancer I've seen.

Nobody left Baby in the corner.

The theatre set was very clever. even the scene where Johnny and Baby practised the lift in the water was convincing.

Johnny didn't drop Baby. (100% record!) .... and it isn't a big run up!

and Lynette was the perfect person offering her services to drive people home.

♪♫ ♪♫  Great stuff! ♪♫ ♪♫

I wouldn't go again (some shows I have seen several times) but I really enjoyed it and so, it seemed, did everyone else. If you like dancing, as opposed to chorusline singing, you will too.

I had just posted this when Strictly started.... OMG Louis Smith did the LIFT!!  So if you missed it, here he is, WOOOOO!