Friday, 19 April 2013

Bye Orla Hi Gigi

Yesterday was the last day with my beautiful Orla Kiely DS3 car so I had an Orla day...

.. I even did the weekend's cricket tea in her, on a THURSDAY....

 I am absolutely gutted to be losing her, I had the towel and everything...

I shall miss those leather seats and the funky headrests...

We have had so much fun together. Over 16,000 miles of fun to be precise and I'm sure my Dad was with us all the way. I hope she has gone to a good home.

We are now looking forward to some more adventures in my new DS3 (I love these cars, they tick all the boxes for me, most notably - small car, big boot) this one is in Belle Blue. I know I am going through a bit of a purpley lilac phase at the moment but I LOVE this colour. Looks like we are calling her Bell/Bella/Bellie then...

Alas!  No-one wanted to call her that, so we've had a rethink and as it is a French car and GG has helped me finance it and the registration is LG13 she is now known as Gigi- the French version of GG- Dad is coming everywhere with me in this car too. =)

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Afternoon tea at Chester Grosvenor Hotel

What a great Tuesday that was. I must admit, I like Tuesdays but this Tuesday was a real treat.

My two fun morning classes were followed by a head, back and shoulder massage from the crowd (Christmas and birthday present) which was absolute bliss and then Husb and I were whisked off to the Grosvenor Hotel for Afternoon Tea. The Grosvenor, no less! The Grosvenor HOTEL!

Out of the choice of teas, I chose the Grosvenor Grey - an Earl Grey flavour blended specially for the hotel, and Husb chose the Darjeeling. The Chun Mee sounded interesting but I decided it was too risky, we weren't on a cruise ship sampling a bit of everything. (Although the lounge was just like a ship's lounge-I expected to see waves out of the windows....)

Tea came in large shiny pots! 



More shiny pots. Well we had refills of everything.

A big thankyou to our children and Ian for this lovely treat, it was delicious and very civilised!

Amazingly, I managed a quick jog a few hours later in my new Asics running shoes making room for a couple of glasses of Madeira wine to accompany the first two episodes of The Great British Sewing Bee. What a great Tuesday.