Monday, 25 November 2013

The Millpool, Coventry, for LiddyMoo's 60th :)

These family reunions are always great occasions. We have a good catch up with each other and exchange Christmas presents. (And sometimes if we are organised enough - presents for birthdays in January and February) But I was busy making stockings and pictures for the new additions to our family.

For baby Freya's first Christmas.

For Nat's Felix's bedroom wall.

If Mataio keeps this up he can colour name pictures when he  is older.
He is SO Ivor. He is even left-handed.

Artist at work

Aah Diddy.
 (He was very kind. He picked up the Cubba from Coventry station) (Thankyou)

Nem with her Auntie Linda.

We talked traffic lights and hamburger roundabouts with Beka's Lee.
(He wasn't responsible for either)

Lani let me play with her dollies (She is a mini-JoyceyGeoff!)

Matt is looking surprisingly happy, having just told me his son wants a Chelsea shirt.
(OUTRAGE!!!!! Not Coventry City???? Poor parenting!!!!)

My new great-neice (?) is the most beautiful, placid, happy baby EVER. 
Freya, now 3 months old, didn't make a sound and was passed around so everyone could have a cuddle. 
Well done Ross and Hayley! Good baby-making.

My favourite son and my favourite neice

...and my favourite daughters...

...with their favourite Bet with cheeks-like-clouds.
More cloud-like than ever. She is adorable.

Unfortunately I ate her dinner. But she ate mine.

Something was obviously very hilarious.

...oh...maybe not...

Freya was perfectly happy in Uncle Ed's arms.

And then Benski surprised us all by being a complete NATURAL when it comes to handling babies.

They even checked the football scores. 
"Look, Freya, Man City are winning 6-1"

Anyway it was soon  time for CAKE!

...and the ode.

Last night Pixen and I were very kind and sat up in the freezing cold attic sewing a LiddyMoo apron ...

It was a perfect fit! Yippeeeee!



My favourite sister and my favourite brother.


What a brilliant afternoon.
A big thankyou to The Millpool for having us.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Chirk Castle

In late August we had an afternoon out at Chirk Castle.

We went up some stairs,

and in some rooms,

and looked at ceilings,

and sat in chairs,

and looked out of the window


and saw a chair with 6 legs.
The library had books in their original bindings.

We had some chopsticks fun tinkling the ivories,

and tinkling around,

and then ventured down into the dungeon


then quickly came back up to the light.

The fabulous gardens,

the outhouses,

the grounds,

and the Cadbury's chocolate factory in the distance

were all quite splendid.