Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Fun with a Settee.

Basically, Sammie wrecked our settee, bless her. It's a year ago this month since we lost her and the house still doesn't feel quite the same.

Anyway, the little madam would regularly rub her chin on the settee until all the pile disappeared, so it was time we replaced it for a new one. The actual "replacing" part was easier said than done. The new one would be coming in separate parts which would be fitted together once in the lounge but the old one was bigger and rigid and had been bought before the new double glazed doors were fitted.

So...... the cushions came off first...

...which we thought about keeping (for about half a second) because they still had their pile..

and then came the point of no return. Husb with his KNIFE! 

Hacking away underneath!

It was disappointing not to find our fortune in the depths of the settee. I was sure we would be much richer. We found 5 peas and about 37p

A door had to come off.

But it was still stuck.

At one point we couldn't go either forward OR back!

And it seemed like Uncle Ivor was laughing with us!

Out came the axe. 
Husb ,,, WITH AN AXE!

(We were now making quite a mess and STILL the settee was stuck)

Positively wedged!

But we persevered and at last got it outside.

The new settees came in 5 parts making a 3 and a 2 seater

And as it was now May....

I took the Christmas table cloth off the corner unit (oopsieeeee!)

Two days later the Jolly Hollies (well...Husb) had some more excitement in the form of a rather nice shiny white Seat Leon to replace Wolfy Scirocco.

Gorgeous to drive!

And a few days later EVEN MORE excitement for the Jolly Hollies  when the Pixen did an AMAAAAAZING swim and run.... to QUALIFY for the World Age Group Championships in London in September!!! What a little superstar. We are SOOO pleased for her as she has been training really hard.

It is fair to say the Pixen is rather excited- not just to compete on the Olympic course (swim in the Serpentine and run in Hyde Park) but the fact that she will be wearing one of THESE!!!!!!!! TEAM GB!!!

It was quite an eventful half term.