Thursday, 24 July 2014

Chester in the sun

I remember coming to Chester in 1975 for an interview at "Chester College" (as it was called then) and didn't go for any more interviews because I had set my heart on living here in this beautiful city. It had nothing to do with Chester being close to where my teenage idols Kevin Keegan and Emlyn Hughes were playing football, I just loved everything about Chester after that first ever visit here. I've now lived here for 37 years. 

And now big sis has retired, she has time to come and visit.

So, naturally we set off round the city walls.

We paused by the Eastgate clock for a photo because I always think the background is a great example of perspective. There is a vanishing point down Watergate Street, somewhere.

We were walking along the walls because we were on our way for afternoon tea at Edgar House which is on the walls down by the River Dee.
Liddy, a Moo herself, felt at home here amongst the Moo prints.

They were very cute.

As was the SKY BLUE teapot. =)

And it was a delicious afternoon tea, if you like brie and smoked salmon, the sandwiches were generously filled. I'm not sure why it was such a big issue to have a top up of tea though, we asked and they refused, we were allowed only hot water and that was restricted to one pot of water between the three of us. I should have warned them about my tea addiction. 

It was a picturesque walk back to the car with the sun shining through the trees.

And you always have a Castlehug when you walk past a castle.

A few days later, Pixen brought the Bellster for his first visit to Chester. 
They had fabulous weather too.

Yesterday, Nem and I went to see the improvements in Chester's Grosvenor Park.
There were hardly any squirrels (blimey) but loads of semi-bare bodies soaking up the sun. It felt like we were on holiday somewhere. 

The arches (above) and a wire family (below)

And the colourful flowerbeds.

It has been ages since I walked through this park.

Yay! The little train was running!

Are you meant to have a child with you to ride on a train which blows bubbles?

Having just finished a very hot and sweaty spinning class, we were both more concerned about sticking to the seat.

£1.50 a ride? "BARGAIN!" we thought. Until it was all over in 45 seconds. It really COULD have gone round twice couldn't it....

The stomp continued round the meadows, the river was twinkling in the sun and the reflections were particularly impressive. This was our Dairylea Dunkers Snackattack Stop.

Then back over the Suspension Bridge and home.

Chester in the sun. We are privileged to live in such a pretty city.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

DIY wardrobe and futon number 2

We hadn't actually intended to decorate and re-vamp Pixen and Drake's room but when MY wardrobe nearly collapsed on me under the weight of all my dresses (yes, seriously) and the flatpacks of the new one arrived, we realised that their room was the only room it would fit into, because in true Jolly Holly fashion, we had bought a bargain without measuring up properly. 
(Meaning..."Yes ... that should fit")

So Husb painted a bit of wall and then we started to build. It had to be built lying down on the floor.

It was massive! It completely filled the floor. (I have got a lot of dresses)

We soon realised that if we put the back on before lifting it up we would have no chance.
There WAS a point when we thought that to  lift it up at all we had no chance. It was just too long.

But... forward an inch...up an inch...forward an inch...up an inch ...(times 10) and we managed to stand it up.

The drawers went in well. Totally slidey. Big tick for those.

I've now got a high rail and a low rail, a low shelf and a high shelf because I can't reach the top shelf haha

Once the wardrobe was done and filled, the blind and the curtains were fitted and the awesome mobiles that have been hanging for 28 years went back up. 
I have yet to find a mobile I love as much as The Toucan.

Futon number two then slotted in perfectly.

(So long as I didn't want to open a wardrobe drawer hahaha)

Jokes! Of course I can open the drawers.
I have tiny thin wrists.

Its really comfy.

And of course my favourite 28 year old teddy rugs survived the revamp. Never in doubt.

Pig mirror got sanded down, Pixen's paintings for Cub's 18th went up and I framed two of my favourite greetings cards. 

So this is what futon 2 looks like as a bed.
(I have to say this was definitely one of my Great Groupon Purchases woopwoop)

It's got sheets and pillows and everything.

It was all finished in time for when Pixen and The Bellster came to Chester.We really HAD worked like Trojans and she had no idea!! 

They picked a fabulous weekend to come.

And meanwhile, as all this was happening back home, Cub was being a Jolly Holly in The Getty in Los Angeles  because Team Zesty hopped on a plane to LA for the  July 4th celebrations.... because ...when you are your own boss.... you just can. :)