Monday, 29 December 2014

Year of the EYE, well...May-Dec 2014


At last, after hundreds of hours at the eye clinic and nearly eight months of steroids I have finally been discharged. YIPPEE!

And all this malarkey was because I rode my bike without wearing sunglasses.

As I was whizzing along the cycle path one way, nasty beastly insect was whizzing the other way, and it flew straight into my left eye. giving me 4 scratches on the cornea and setting off various viruses in my optic nerve, LEAVING ME BLIND in one eye.

Does this look awful enough?

People were so kind. I had a few lifts to keep fit. 
Flowers arrived from San Francisco-
 they included irises  ;)

Lindsey brought fruitcake, Lyn gave me a Galapagos tee and Helen wrote me a letter with BIG writing.

But I wasn't stopping my classes. Aqua was slightly trickier, as I had to keep the steroids IN while keeping the Northgate Nasties OUT, so I went for the pirate look. 
(I DID stop swimming though which has given my ankle a chance to recover)

With one pupil way bigger than the other, I looked a bit dodgy.

In the summer 'Mummy's little helper' drove me to cricket and poured the players' teas.
I couldn't be trusted with a pot of boiling water.

Look after your eyes, everyone. I cannot TELL you how much you are inconvenienced with half your sight. Driving, reading, writing, texing,  colouring, sewing, wood burning,  blogging,  swimming, ALL went to pot. I'm so thankful to have both eyes working again.

I'm now collecting stamps for the RNIB and Guide Dogs for the Blind.