Sunday, 21 June 2015

Pier 39 San Francisco.

Our last day.
The boys went into work so we did the touristy Fishermans Wharf part. 
We couldn't go home having not done all that!

"Boisterous barking pinnypeds"

From smelly, noisy, cute sealions (they were proper little characters) to a suave and swanky Leo outside Madam Tussauds, a few souvenir tee shirts and some Ghiradelli chocolate.... it was a great last morning before flew back home.

S.F.Golden Gate Fields Racetrack

We sailed back into San Francisco about 8.30am so took a streetcar and tram towards Cub's to drop off our luggage. Eeeeeks and Yeouch dragging the cases up those hills. So steep we had to do it in 5 yard bits. And I've got good quads,

I know it was a Sunday but Cub was working today and then played football (they lost) (!) so Husb and I made the most of Dollar Day at the Golden Gate Fields Racetrack. It involved a Bart to North Berkely followed by a free shuttlebus to the track  but when we got there everything was a dollar. Which felt like we had had a winner before we'd even had a bet.

It was like CHESTER.
About a mile all the way round and you could see it all.
You'd have to pay over £50 for a view like this at Chester's Roodee. 
We paid a A DOLLAR!!!!!! :) Brilliant.

Obviously I would have chosen number 2 ALY but it was a non runner, Grrrr ...

So we backed number 5 LIGHTEN THE WORLD.

Under starter's orders...

We watched as his red silks were way out in front as he passed us....

...and was still in the lead on the far side....

...and he romped home to WIN! Get IN!

Someone's happy :)

The bugler bugled his bugle at the start of every race.

Here's our next selection, horse number 2, with his stable companion.
(Every horse had a little friend)

He won as well. OMG 2 winners out of 2! WOOP!

It was much easier to pick a winner with a maximum field of 8.

Winning owners.

We could even see the pre-parade ring and the hosing down, and we'd only paid A DOLLAR.

HIT THE ROAD RUNNING was my bet in the 4th race ....I like running.

Guess what?! GUESS!

Here he is posing.

I totally didn't care that mine with short odds had pipped  Husb's with much bigger odds... right on the post........I HAD THE WINNER!

Golden Gate Fields with the Golden Gate bridge in the background and the sun making the water shimmer. Three winners and all things a dollar. What an AWESOME afternoon.

We headed back to Cub's and discussed tea as the sun began to set.

There wasn't any beetroot, but we had loads of other scrummy veg from the most amazing WHOLEFOODS shop down the hill.  (I've never seen asparagus that thick!) and the boy barbequed it all to perfection.

And this is what we looked out on as we ate it. WOW. San Francisco really is quite special.

The lovely Santa Barbara

Love, love, LOVED Santa Barbara.  :)

We were so keen to visit Santa Barbara, we got the first tender across, so ended up being in Santa Barbara before Santa Barbara was actually awake. 

"Santa Barbara".
 I love saying it.

There was nobody about so we walked up State Street and had a quick coffee,

and looked for figs.

The largest and oldest fig tree in North America is in Santa Barbara. It is actually native to Australia but was planted in Santa Barbara in 1877, and it is said that 1,000 people could stand in its shade at noon. 
This wasn't said tree.
But it WAS a fig tree.

                                        Even at ten o'clock there was hardly anyone about.

It is a place of nice food and wineries, fashion, theatres and art, colourful bougainvillea, statues and terrapin. No wonder it is known as the American Riviera.

Natasha had a nice shop.

There were some very snazzy shops here but I'm more of a tracksuit, trainers and cozzie girl  and prefer to be on a beach we headed back towards the pier, STEARNS WHARF, which needed sussing out,  as we wouldn't have time later because we had booked whale watching.



                     There were still no signs of the TV show PSYCHE that was filmed here, not even                                                          a tee shirt, much to Husb's disappointment.
                               There was a fantastic cycle/running/walking track though.

I think he said this cycle path went all the way to Santa Monica beach so you could run/cycle/walk 26 miles, traffic-free if you wanted. #justsaying

Stearns Wharf is California's oldest working wharf (1872) and the present day harbour, with over 1,000 fishing boats, pleasure vessels and whale watchers. (WOOP!) 
Walking along the pier was fun - the locals had invented all manner of "Throw us your Dollars" games on the sand below, like "Throwyourmoneyontomymatbecausethereinowayitwillgointomybullseyeeggcup" game.

And after nearly falling off several times, I just about got a photo of me planking on a log. 
Great test for my core and I nearly failed.
But I didn't. :)

There was just time for a fishnchipPGTIP lunch, and a walk through FUNK ZONE where weird and wasted people are doing worryingly weird things...well it IS the new winebar area and then it was 


THIS ... is what we hoped to see when watching whales.

It was more like THIS! 

But it was great fun anyway. To be honest, we were spoilt in Alaska when we saw Orcas so nothing was ever going to be as good as that.
We saw grey whales, dolphins and sealions.

And this topped off a great day.
 "Santa Barbara"
I loved it. 

And then we sailed back to San Francisco on this lovely ship....

....eating beet while wearing beet.....

before jazzing up a jump suit.

It was such a crazy busy evening I completely forgot my 'roids, AAARGH 
We muscled in on Captain's cocktails, 
raced to Dancers Showtime
and then to ex Beach Boy Steve Moris (superb, talented and very funny),
missed dinner so had to go to the cafe for nuts and salad, 
raced back to the middle of the ship for the balloon drop
and off to the theatre for more balloons

and the crew show. It was a great week.