Sunday, 27 November 2016

End of Season Cricket Do 2016

The last match of the season was sponsored by 
So I turned my apron round. 
Swanny had to be relegated to the inside and Aliholli, PUSB and Liquorice Allsorts went on show.

The match was followed by the Awards Fines and Hotpot Social Evening and it was brill.

Tom, Adam and Sam were presented with trophies for 
Outstanding Improvement/Fantastic Progress
 which were very well deserved, they all had a great season.

Most Improved Player. 
Eats all my tea.
 Devoured the Fromage Frais and made a tower with the pots. 
Fantastic manners.

2nd X1 Players Player.
Also eats all my tea.
 Always says "Thankyou"
.Good helper and collector of raffle ticket money.

Totally All-Round-Good-Egg.
1st X1 Players Player.
Can't thank me enough for all the tea he eats and all the extra tea he takes back to London.

Ducks? On a bat?
Probably best not to mention what that means.

I'll admit  I struggled to feed these three until I had a brainwave and bought bags of peanuts, cashews(yes THEY went down well) fruit'n'nuts(they left the fruit).
At last they had something else to go with their egg sandwich.

The club couldn't run without these stalwarts.  
Preparing the wicket, scoring, washing up, making tea,writing quizzes...and umpteen other chores that we don't see.



The Tealady was given wine for her hard work, Thank you Tom.

The 2nd X1 bonded well ready for next season.

It was just a brilliantly fun night.

Bets 90th 2/9/16

Flights back from San Francisco followed by Sunday lunch in Coventry 24 hours later.

We may have been heavily jet-lagged but we weren't missing the lovely Bet's 90th lunch at the Millpool. Ian did a great job of driving down the M6 (and back up again) without falling asleep and Bet, with her "Cheeks like Clouds" was delighted we had made the effort.
She loved her chopping board with its cakes and dancing shoes.

And she loved her cushion with my (omg how cute, proper sewing) chain stitch :)

Natasha bought Bet the biggest 90 badge she could find and Bet just beamed all afternoon, surrounded by her friends and four generations of family.

Liddy surprised us all with an ode that was EPIC and as a result I think we all learned a few things about Bet. 

She was christened Betty, was the youngest of six children, learned ballet (and still has the toes to prove it) and worked at The Co-Op (!!!)(YAY!)  in her youth.

 Big Sis and Little Bro 

How gorgeous is THIS photo!

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Last day...planking on a tram :)

Wings were picking us up at lunchtime so we literally had JUST enough time to get the MUNI into town, ride, hang off and plank a tram UP the hill.... and then DOWN again ...before flying home.
It was the perfect end to a wonderful holiday.
San Francisco, you were fantastic.
Chris and Emily, THANKYOU SO MUCH.
Children, Where to next?


It was turning out to be a brilliant day.

a super burger from the Ferry Building...
 the Ghiradelli chocolate shop...
a selection of tee shirts...
an hour in the sun..


What a brilliant end to a brilliant day.

It was milder than it had been all week so there was no need for all the layers we had taken.
The turkey and cranberry carvery was AWESOME.
The beer was delicious (at that price per pint we tasted every sip)
Nem was called Plain Jane for having a salt free pretzel. 
Giants lost.
Arizona D-Backs won.
We didn't care.
It was all so so brilliant.
I can't even think of a word to tell y'all (!) how brilliant it was.


They were filming outside the ground when we arrived and I was going to nip behind the presenters to get on tele....

but I went ONE STEP BETTER!!!!
This is ONLY the absolute superstar Rich Aurilia!!!!

 (I had to Google him haha)

Look at where AT&T Park is situated, what a beautiful setting.