Sunday, 31 July 2016

Chester Zoo and The Ice Cream Farm...with the ChadderCabewicks.

One week in May (so, quite a while ago) (!!) (I've been busy) the ChadderCabewicks were in Southport and as Southport is near to Chester (ISH) they nipped over for the afternoon.

In the middle of a gloriously sunny week we had a drizzly rainy Tuesday.
This actually worked in our favour because, being a bit cooler, the elephants at Chester Zoo were very active and they performed for us beautifully.

They rolled around in the mud right in front of us.

They came up really close. 
They probably knew the carrots were about to be hurled.

Nandita is still tiny and hairy and cute but she was using her trunk well so she has been learning.

Aung Bo strutted about as normal.

I don't think I have ever seen an elephant fill its trunk and spray water all over its back.
Honestly these elephants were soooo on form.
I was loving this more than the children!

I could have watched the elephants for a lot longer but the rain was getting heavier so we moved on to the Ice Cream farm as there was plenty of indoor stuff to do there although Freya was happy to play in the rain.

In the sand and water area Edith and Freya played together really nicely and they made me a mud pie.

With it raining, there wasn't much demand for a go on the go-karts. The attendant was looking a tad redundant. Imagine his joy when WE rocked up wanting a go.
He delighted in drying the seats for us.
We put our pound in and off we went. The manufacturers have got these karts down to a tee. The pound coin ran out EXACTLY on the line.

Just for the record (!!!) I overtook them at one point. I had to try really hard not to win.

Then we went inside for an ice cream and a play in the balls.

Mine was blackcurrant and liquorice, Ross had chocolate ripple fudge brownie, Freya asked for jam, she got jelly, and Hayley had peanut.
They were all delicious. Edith had a bit of them all.

It was so lovely to see them all...What a FAB and SMILEY afternoon.