Thursday, 16 March 2017


Fab port.
Divine sea.
Superb day.

The cruise ship terminal was full of sunglasses huts, parrots, flamingos,  Atlanta Falcons towels,crazy tribemen and bonkers musicians upside down up a pole. Great atmosphere, a general buzz about the place.

 The Penelope Pitstop Pink thatched shuttle took us up to Mhuahal...

...where we watched a group of children doing Zumba,...

...then the towels were plonked on the sand and I WAS IN.

In the shallowest, warmest, clearest sea.

It was totally the clearest sea ever. 
I mastered the art of snorkelling which  was an absolute bonus as this is home to the second longest coral reef in the world.

Factor 40, a breakfast muffin, beer and a puzzlebook....we were SORTED.

Husb isn't a waterbaby like me.
But even HE couldn't resist a swim.

It was just fabulous.

Getting back to the ship was slightly hilarious as we tried to be clever and take our own route back. 

All was going well until we came to a dead end with the ship in full view about 100 yards away. Holding bags above our heads and wading fully shoed into the sea we managed to scramble over the rocks round the huge concrete harbour wall which was obviously meant to be a barrier and was a clear sign that this was not the right way at all. But we are the Hollindales haha.

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