Thursday, 16 March 2017

Paradise Beach, Cozumel 2017

 Chankanaab in Cozumel had been AMAAAAZING but being a little pricey, we opted, this time, for Paradise Beach, which had been recommended to us by other cruisers,  so we jumped in a taxi with 7 others from the ship  and made our way there.
They should have changed the names round. 
Chankanaab was definitely the more Paradise of the two.

But we had another good day.
To be honest any day with sand and sea is a good day :)

The sun was in the perfect place for photos so I had a mini photo shoot before I got wet and before it got too crowded which it inevitably did being only $3 to get in.

The $3 entry fee included beach loungers, brolly, wifi that wouldn't work until everyone had gone home and very hot sun. 

It was a day of  whacking on the Factor 40, wandering, messing about in the inflatables, flipping my flippers and Pelly watching.

The sunset was up to the usual Caribbean standard.

I have a lot of elephants.
 Probably too many elephants. 
But they come from all over the world and I hadn't got one from Mexico and there was a little man selling little ellies made from Obsidian which were so cute and a little bit irresistable.

Sparkly ears.

And a sparkly bottom which sombreroman claimed his son had collected off the seabed (?)

He looks very nice on our bureau.
Just one more to flippin dust.

La Internacional Cerveceria was absolutely PERFECT for a swift beer before reboarding the ship. You could  easily walk past it but we zoomed in on the Free Wifi sign and the large beer menu showing both Mexican beers and beers from 33 other countries (well...not all of them) We swooped. Its a friendly, family run bar. The lads talked us through the menu. Our complimentary 2 bowls of peanuts were a welcome nibble, I suppose that was lunch that day (!) and just enough as we were heading back for a 5 course dinner.

It was FISH'n'CHIPS!!!!

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