Thursday, 8 June 2017

oh Lawrence :(

I had never considered owning a yellow car, but after that drive up to Citroen Bradford just to "view" one (WHO drives up to Bradford  just "to view" a car?) I fell in love with it, bought it and instantly christened him Lawrence. This was to be my forever car!!!!  People would see me coming! And as it had a state-of-the-art navigation built in, I would know where I was going. 

Two weeks later on a busy FRIDAY I was sweating it out on St Oswald's way where every car in Chester seemed to be, due to Brook Lane bridge being closed. It was SO not the best place to break down and I was lucky not to be hit by drivers coming up the hill and seeing my hazard warning lights at the last minute. "OH, that little yellow car isn't moving....swerrrrve"  

It was a dangerous place to be stuck but I WAS opposite the Northgate Arena who couldn't FAIL to see a yellow car, in the middle of a busy dual carriageway with a damsel in distress in her short shorts (oh Lordy) They sent the troops from Finance and Lawrence and I were pushed to safety where I could begin the zillion phonecalls.

Husb was fabulous. He was down south at the time so he sent one of his chums to keep me company and offer some moral support.

The AA were fabulous.

The first truck that came had a lovely young lad on his first week at work with the AA. He hadn't done his towing qualification, so he had to ring for another van. The second fella didn't seem too excited at towing me a mile down the hill to the garage and offered to follow me.
 (Cub!!! Get ME doing a snazzy É!!!)

It was a Friday, it was busy, there were at least 2 right turns, there was the Fountains roundabout, I was cold, I was sweaty, I was supposed to shopping for a cricket tea, I had no eye drops with me, I had no biscuits (NO biscuits??) I had to get back in time to spin,

And to be fair, after 20 minutes of strapping Lawrence on, Geoff from the Wirral and I had a lovely chat, mostly about this hobby of old cars that he had done up.

Just for the record, Citroen had Lawrence in their garage for 5 weeks. Lawrence was given a new throttle pedal and a new ECU but we had lost a bit of faith in him and he went back home to Bradford.
I'm absolutely gutted . He was to be my FOREVER car.
But you have to be safe on the road and it wasn't to be.


Clare Dudman said...

This sounds like it was a nightmare! I got towed once with a rope. Never ever agree to this - one of the scariest half hours of my life!

aliholli said...

I'm not so sure that he's even fixed now, Clare. I really wanted to persevere and wait for him to be ready but you've got to be safe and the garage couldn't say 100% that he was fixed so we sold him back. Nightmare from start to finish but looking back-it was mildly amusing that Northgate had to sent troops to push me.haha