Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Today we went to the pond to feed the ducks.

...and stretch our legs and walk the pooch and check on the cricket club etc etc

Taken by dad WUTWOO!


May as well make the most of an extra pair of hands! So Dad was on duty in my Keep Fit Creche (oh heck Do I have to pay him some wages???)

Ethan took a particular liking to him.


Oh we always have fun when we go down to see my Dad.

This time it was "Tri-Golf".

After we had cleaned the bathroom, done an hour`s weeding and had Sunday lunch out first, of course.

This was a chance for my gorgeous bruv to show my equally gorgeous husb how to do a mini- golf lesson with Year 7`s and he began the coaching session by proving how far he could hit a soft ball with a plastic club by whacking it over into Mr Singh`s garden, next door, almost into Mr Singh`s new extension, a fine way to meet the new neighbours.

Teeing off...

Bruv studies Husb`s technique...

Anyway, Dad`s garden was plenty long enough for a swing.

Is Husby IN THE BUNKER?????)

and the final put!

Great fun! (Dids-have you seen my "link"??!)

Sunday, 27 September 2009

more of the "2 weddings in one day"

Well I missed a thriller at the Ricoh, the Sky Blues scored 2 goals in the 2nd half after being 2 nil down to the Boro (Phil and I will still be friends then)..

...and I got the winner of the last race at Chester races...

...but I wouldn`t have missed those 2 weddings. Here are more pics from them.

Jack and Jenny`s car...WOW!

Pink socks for all Scott`s boys, WOW!

Scott and Best Man Peter..

Me and Jack`s mum

Nigel`s pink suit..WOW!

Me with the groom

Scott and Helen`s first dance..WOW! Have they been to lessons?

Jack and Jenny`s first dance

All the best to both couples...lots of love and laughs.


I`ve decided to add some pics of the guests arriving... I was in prime spot to "get" them walking up the path to church and it was so nice to see the cricketters out of their whites and in all their finery, they deserve to be blogged.

2 weddings in one day and both at 1pm

Saturday 26th September....what a busy day...

Coventry City v Middlesbrough (I should have gone to the Ricoh with Phil)

Chester Races (I should have gone, last race meet this year)

...and 2 very special people getting married.

Big decision!!!!! Not really...I went to both weddings! Both were at 1pm so I had to see one bride arrive and then the other bride come out.

Then we managed to have a couple of hours at each of the evening receptions.(And consequently I`ve been burning wood all week)

I went to see our wicketkeeper and bride first..(and here is their breadboard)

Then I went over to see the other couple coming out of the church. Jack looked so like his dad when he appeared on the steps. His dad would have been so proud. I think it was an emotional day for all of them but a very happy day too. I`m so pleased for both couples.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Back in Coventry

Look where we are AGAIN! Well I deserved it after cleaning dad's kitchen. It's now sparkly white (ish). Anyway the Mount do a tremendous apple pie. Dad managed to mash his up into the custard. He was on good form.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Graffiti Cauliflower

Wooooooo!! Look what we had for tea!!!

Purple Cauliflower! It was "Produce from Cornwall" so it was worth a try.

Somehow it didnt look quite right on the plate so I hurriedly added some green in the form of cucumber....

Oh dear Husb. I personally didn`t think it was any DIFFERENT from normal cauli but I suppose you eat with your eyes...do you?

Cartmel Races Aug Bank Hol

In our quest to visit all the racecourses in the country , we chose Cartmel in the Lake District on Bank Holiday Monday. Unfortunately, while the rest of the country was bathed in sunshine and
and Sooze frazzled at Hampton Court Palace, WE GOT SOAKED. However the appalling weather didn`t deter the crowds, it was packed... so much so that we couldn`t see very much, especially with the multitude of umbrellas.

It was a pretty little course with a stream running through the middle of it and my brand new welly boots were fab in all the mud,but I can`t see us hurrying back there (although the FAMOUS CARTMEL STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING was AMAZING)

Cartmel only stages National Hunt (jump) racing.

The course is a sharp and narrow left handed oval. The difference from other courses is the home straight which unusually veers off and dissects the main oval. The main circuit measures just over one mile and one furlong and what is also unique to Cartmel is that the run-in (the distance from the last fence to the finish line) is known as the longest in the country at just over 4 furlongs.

We managed to get a couple of winners which is always a buzz.

Sunday, 6 September 2009


Fun with towels and food, A COV SHIRT PUSB PUSB!!, the pool and the Stardust Theatre...


...and me jogging round the deck on the LAST DAY!! Brilliant cruise =)