Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Natasha's BBQ. Trent Bridge, Nottingham, 20/8/18

"If we go to Trent Bridge on Monday...
...we could go to Natasha's on Sunday." I said to Husb.
So we did.

And within minutes of our arrival I had my nails painted pink and blue.
To match my trainers.

John had already been polished.

My nieces had baked goodies for us :)

Arthur and I had a hug,

Ross didn't mind.

LiddyMoo had one too.
He loved her necklace.
Sophie likes necklaces too.
They are shiny and cold and very precious.

Freya and I had a hug.

Freya and Edith had a hug.

The BBQ was fab and we had a lot of fun.

And the next day we went to Trent Bridge for the 3rd Test match between England and India.
It couldn't have been more different to the 2nd Test at Edgbaston,

For a start off it was a sell out so there was no chance of spreading out over the whole row, there was definitely no space to plank and it was way more tricky getting out of our seats to get a pint or a cuppa. We sat next to two dear old ladies who were in their 80s.
(One was an ex-Kent player with Rachel HeyhoeFlint)

India just batted and batted and batted as England had a disaster in the field, dropping catch after catch and Kohli got another hundred. (103)


The beer and the tea were excellent though.

Monday, 11 March 2019

Alderley Edge. Happy Birthday Drake.

Edgbaston, England v India 2/8/18

It was our 38th wedding anniversary.
Why wouldn't we go to Edgbaston for a day of cricket?!

We'd had our "honeymoon" at Lords.
 (Well, sort of...we went to support Marchwiel in the Village Knockout at Lords the weekend after our wedding so it was a "sort of" honeymoon)

And I've been involved in cricket all my life.

It was nice to be returning to the ground where 
 started his cricketing career.

Husb was his usual hilarious self.
"Let's sit HERE."
And promptly spread out over the whole row.

They may have been cricketers but they warmed up with a game of football.
And some catching in the slips.

Heck, it was warm

It was the 1,000th England Men's Test Match and I watched nearly every single ball.

I  enjoyed some great entertainment in my left ear while watching the game. We had running commentary from Tuffers, who was a hoot (it's not really work is it,Tuffers?) and his lunch time interview with David Steele was very amusing.
I was absolutely loving it.
What I hadn't realised was that not all Test matches are like this.
 Tuffers actually said it was in his TOP FIVE all time favourite Test matches he'd ever seen,
The BBC Five Live team were relishing every ball as the game swung this way then that, and they ended their live text commentary with...

You’ll do well to find a more compelling, invigorating, perplexing, inspiring day of sport than that. England bowled brilliantly until they tired, Virat Kohli batted like God’s cooler older brother, and we’ve got three more days of intense pleasure to come. Thanks for your company and comments - join us again tomorrow.

It was Day 2.

 We joined England at 287-9. They were very soon 287 All Out (within minutes) 
What followed was a fantastic afternoon of cricket featuring Anderson, who was bowling out of his skin, and Kohli, who was batting magnificently. The crowd had booed Kohli when he came out to bat but when he walked off again, they gave him a standing ovation. 

Anderson bowled 74 balls to Kohli, who made only 18 runs off them.
But he scored another 131 from the 151 balls he faced from everyone else.

The commentary in my ear went like this..

Kohli chases ... AND THERE IT IS! VIRAT KOHLI HAS PERSONALITIED HIS WAY TO A LUDICROUSLY BRILLIANT HUNDRED! He leaps, he punches, he removes his helmet ... what a champion he is. Four to third man, then to underline, italicise and highlight, he smacks four more wide of mid on. We are privileged
 to be living in his time.

Action replay 


The Indian captain's 149 from 225 balls was his first Test hundred on English soil and was wonderful to watch, especially as India had been 100-5. He was so cool and patient and he totally frustrated Anderson. He was eventually caught by Broad, having scored 149 of India's total 274.

WICKET! Kohli c Broad b Rashid 149 (India 274 all out)

All that was needed now was A PLANK.
Where could I plank without being arrested or fined?

And what a bonus. The tea was free.

Thursday, 31 January 2019

Prosecco cricket. Owzatt?

We hadn't been at the club for five minutes (and he wasn't even playing) but he got a HUUUUGE hug from Mrs Hudd who was delighted to see him.

Orange Team at the ready!

And these were The PLANKS hahaha
I was trying to look like their manager.

There were 9 teams of 6.
FIFTY FOUR women playing cricket at Little Heath, our beautiful ground in Christleton.
How ace is that!
The lure of Prosecco enticed us all down to the ground, obviously.

It was a Kwik Cricket format in 3 groups of 3 teams.
Everyone bowled an over and everyone batted for 2 overs with their teammate.

I did a good hit, YAY.

It was so lovely to see all the colourful teeshirts around our ground. Mandy had made a super playlist that was booming around the ground, there were smells of pizzas and burgers, there were constant woops and cheers, and we had dodged the rain showers to perfection.
It was too good an opportunity to miss......How could we not PLANK???!

How could we not LEAP?? We were the LEAPABOUTERS.

We seemed to be playing forever and some ladies had to leave before the end so teams mingled for the finals and medals were awarded to whoever finished on the winning side(!) but we were ALL winners. It was the best fun and we have all made more friends.
The bar did ok too.
 A very well organised and very well supported, huge success.