Sunday, 28 January 2018


I wasn't sure whether they were getting bored with the Slowboat but when 128 signed up and paid, and several of them IN OCTOBER(!!) I knew I needn't have worried. 

Great night as usual.

We had a HennaHolli table.
More Hens than Holls.

To be exact it was a HennaHolliTennis table.

The picture frame is now on its 7th event.
A wedding, a 30th, 2 baked potato parties and some Slowboats.
I just keep papering over it.

Aaah there you go Denise and HelJay, Ian's gone now!

Did Celine put her foot in it?

Is Martin usually this scary? 

An Angela sandwich?

I LOVE that song.
But when I headed to the dance floor I WAS ALREADY ON IT!


If a bit spooky!

Don't they look different without sweat.
Amy, Beth, Fiona, Emma.

Kay brought Gerry. He's a spinner now.

These lads though...

Ian was on form.
Rolo and Debs had a great night.

Vi, David and Debbie from Christleton Aqua want to go again.

Elaine and the Gloria culprit, Barbara.

Amber and Cleo

How many times did Lucy tell us her dress was tucked up in her knickers?????

Lots and lots and lots of times.

Somewhere in there we have Lynette, Kelly and Tina, PhilThePower, Sue and Andrew

Sue, Elaine and Sherrie

Kate and Nina


Diva Emma. She did my SquareOne while I explored New Zealand.

Mother and daughter. Really.

Mother and daughter? Really?

Lisa, Emma and Jenny

Oh Barb! (Where's my face??)

AAAhhhhhh there I am....

Tuesday morning faithfuls!
Jude, Helen, Frannie, Tall Margaret


The staff were ace.

They brought me my own dishful of Salt'n'pepper fish!


Yes you are, Kate
Yes you are, Nina

Trudy, Ali, JoLo and Nic.

Amy and Hanna looking gorgeous.




Thanks for a great night, Nick.

I was born and brought up in Coventry
City of Culture in 2021
Wow! Well I hope my football team
Haven't gone bust by then and gone.
In 1976 Teacher Training College.
Which one should I choose?
Well I wouldn't have chosen Chester 
If it wasn't for Kevin Keegan and Emlyn Hughes.
They were my teenage idols
Playing for Liverpool which was nearby
And that's where I met Mike 40 years ago
The rest is history. Doesn't time fly!
When I started Vicars Cross I had just had twins
Who'd look after Nic and Chris?
So the creche was born, and the mums rejoiced
An hour to ourselves was bliss.
While loading the car one Square One day
I really thought "Ali, You blew it."
I reversed the car into my tape recorder,
The exhaust pipe went right through it.
Amazingly it still played that day.
Amazingly it still does.
The speaker's got a big hole in it
Yet there's not the slightest buzz.
Aerobics hasn't changed that much
Though we did used to stop between songs.
And half way through we took our shoes off
We thought we looked wonderful in our thongs.
Now it's all leggins and tiny socks
Well I'm not having any of those.
Gotta keep my ankles and achilles warm
And I hate it when I have cold toes.
We used to go on days out, remember
Blackpool on the double decker bus?
No seat belts, no deposits
No insurance, just turn up, no fuss.
SteveTheBus drove the double decker
While we looked after Martin and his goodies 
(chicken drumsticks)
30 years on and the boy's done well
He's made us all our hoodies.
We're now in 2017
Where do I begin?
Well I took over Christleton Aqua 
And it was the start of Express Spin.
Sunday mornings at Square One took off
Way better than I thought
The residents don't really like us though
They should jolly well get out of bed and join us haha
Our twin 1, Nic, got married in Greece
And now she's having a baby.
She'll be a MAM and I'll be a Nanna,
On Valentine's Day! Possibly? Maybe!
And today in the Caribbean
Where it's hot and sunny and sandy,
On a beautiful beach in St Lucia,
Wendy is marrying Andy.
Martin and Katy got married this year too,
It was all very Harry Potter throughout.
If you want anything else with AliHolli on
I'll just give Martin a shout.
Get me with my marketing at nearly 60.haha
There's so much competition these days
With a certain fella called Les Mills
So thanks for your everlasting support,
You've helped to pay my bills.
Never in eleventy billion years
Did I think I'd still be leaping about,
But my legs still work, though my ankles are goosed,
And I still have the ability to shout.
Just listen to your bodies,folks,
Abs Like Slabs would be wonderful
But heart and lung fitness is a must.
We're not getting any younger.
Am I really 60 in 10 days time?
Well you just do your workout.
And I will just do mine.

Thanks :) and three cheers :)