Friday, 20 July 2018

Dee, KC and Kaysie came to Chester. July 2018

What a hilarious couple of days.
From trying to discuss corneas in the Pied Bull while Germany were getting knocked out of the World Cup... to KC and Kayse coming to my Aqua class and laughing at my rocking horse....... to the drama of Bollicinis NOT serving salad..."we don't serve salad"...(!!!?),,, to Phil talking Italian to a Spanish waiter and claiming to know his masseur, Tim... to going out for breakfast and still laughing about it all.

It was a mini Chester college reunion.
 Kayse was over from Australia so KC came up from down south and they met in Chester, (well, it's nearly in the middle) so Dee nipped over from Wigan and Philly, Husb and I were free to join them. 

How can a chair be so funny? OLD are we?
We were giggling like schoolgirls.

Meanwhile Phil contemplated his future.

It was such a funny night, when, in fact, things weren't particularly funny. But the waiter couldn't get anything right, he couldn't have been any more hopeless if he'd tried. Perhaps we made him nervous.
He couldn't seem to handle us at all.
The more we laughed, the more he got wrong.
He was such good entertainment but I'm sure he didn't mean to be.

Diesel came to Square One for a leapabout next morning and I lasted till virtually the very end before announcing what a very good best friend she was...but was off, we had breakfast booked.

And it was true.
We did.
I had bacon and eggs to prove it.

Surely this has to be an annual event?

Sophie came to Chester, Liddy came too!

It wasn't the easiest of journeys for Supermum and her 4 month old best girl but we had constant updates like this so we knew where they were...

...and then they ARRIVED!!

And it wasn't long before lil Soph was trying out her Jumperoo from Amy. 
At the time she needed a bit of wedging in and a cushion under her feet.
Fast forward a few weeks and she's jumping about in it.

This was deffo the best bit though. 
She's a proper water baby.
Jodie leads a fabulous Swim-A-Song class at Northgate using floats as magic carpets and armbands as fire engine steering wheels, it was brill, and we were kept on the go constantly, no chance of getting cold.

Swim-A-Song may have been the best bit but THE CHIP was by far the funniest.
"NanaBub, WHAT is THIS??"
The facial expressions were hilarious and they told us all we needed to know.
Just mummy's boobie for now,thanks.

I love doing Chester as a tourist, we live in such a beautiful city.

Buggy Bootcamp is all the rage these day so AliHolli Fitness did a bit of her own.

Don't look so worried Soph, you'll be doing all this soon.

It had been a busy day.

Next day, Auntie Liddy negotiated with the new fence (!) and leaving John in charge of supplying the gardeners' tea, she jumped on a train to join us. I still had the Rowton Hall lot to splashabout with but that was fine as it gave Liddy chance to read Soph a nice story.

And then we were tourists again.

I don't know about "Smell the coffee".
Looking at that face, Sophster may well have inherited her NanaBub's taste for tea.

But there were more peeps to meet!!!
Soph, you're such a little celebrity up here.
The keep fitters want to meet you!

And she was so good, mummy had to do a WHOLE HOUR of AEROBICS because she was so good in the creche. 

Sophie definitely looks like Nixen did as a baby.Wow.

#cricketrocks Christleton Cricket club

Just did a quick plank while they were setting up the stage.
This was our first outdooor concert at the club and it was a great success.
The pizzas were VERY popular.

The burgers and dogs were HUGE.

These were our security guards on the gate!

Warm up band were very good.

Hello Rachel !

Vinyl Flip were fab!
It was a fantastic set of songs

And as it got darker we got more energetic.The adults danced and the children ran around the cricket field only to be seen by their glowsticks.
Hats off to Mandy and the team for a fabulous event, I'm sure there'll be many more.


There was great excitement in Chester because the Queen and Meghan were coming to open the new Storyhouse theatre. It was Meghan's first public engagement since she married Harry and her first one without him by her side.
 Meghan will be around for ages but we may never get the chance to see The Queen again so it was a case of Quick class,Quick shower and Quick nip up to town.

It was perfect timing because The Royal Car nearly drove over my foot!
 I was just dashing up Northgate Street as Queenie and Meghan were being brought up from the station.

There were snipers on the roof of the Storyhouse which made us feel safe as we waited for her to come out.

She was wearing green in a touching tribute to the Grenfell Tower fire victims who died in the tragedy one year ago today. 14/6/18

Earlier she had opened the new Mersey Gateway Bridge at Widnes and something the school children were doing was highly amusing. I've never seen her look so happy. Well... apart from at the races.

She carried flowers made by WILD of Chester.
(Yay Emma Tudor!)

Lianne actually spoke to The Queen ("Welcome to Chester") and 
Oh My Days The Queen replied!!!!

Denise and Fiona had front row "seats" (a wheelchair) 

and Meghan shook their hands.

And then we found out that Morag actually played a type of charades with Queenie and Meghan inside the Storyhouse. 

Claire shook hands with Meghan too, she's about 31.40 into the video!